Can I resize a C:/ partition or not?

  jonmac 11:41 24 Dec 2012

I run Windows 7 and have 2 partitions on my HD, a C: partition and D: one. I have freed some space from D:, at present unallocated, to be available for an increase in C: but windows disc management says I can't increase the size of a bootable partition. Software called Gparted claims to be able to do just this by shifting the free space from right of the D: drive to the right of the C: drive but it fails to allow me to then incorporate it in C: Has anyone used GParted for this operation? If so can you help?

  northumbria61 12:00 24 Dec 2012

I would use something like EaseUs enter link description here


Partition Wizard enter link description here

Both easy to follow with screenshots.

  Diemmess 12:11 24 Dec 2012

You have two problems here.

  1. Changing the size of the two partitions, relatively easy as you can see.

  2. Changing path of the data, (chunk of D: being moved to C: ) even if you manage it you may wreck the OS........ Have you thought of slimming the contents of C:, making system backups faster and letting D: have all the heavy data like video or music files? D: can still be backed up separately.

  catpwss 12:15 24 Dec 2012

Hi,Just used the ''EaseUs'' yesterday.Worked very good and easy to follow. Good luck,Merry Xmas.

  jonmac 12:39 24 Dec 2012

Thanks for the response guys.
northumbria61 - Have downloaded the software and it says it can do just what I want...looks promising. I'll come back with results. Diemmess - That sounds a bit worrying. My C: is software only with appprox. 3Gb left. D: is data only and 150+Gb to spare. I want to free 30Gb of that for C: surely that wouldn't cause any big problems? catpwss - That's encouraging, thanks and here goes.

  jonmac 13:27 24 Dec 2012

Yippee! Job done, PC rebooted and all appears to be OK. Thanks to you all for responding and all the best for Christmas and New Year.......Now I'm off to download Window 8....!!

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