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Can I remotely uninstall Office from broken PC?

  BGP167 10:18 14 Jul 2018

I bought Microsoft Office and used it on my old PC. When the PC broke I bought a new one and would like to install Microsoft Office on it but it says I need to uninstall from the old PC which doesn't even start up . Is there any way I can remotely uninstall my Office subscription from that one, so I can install it on the new PC?

  onthelimit1 12:18 14 Jul 2018

No you can't. You could try speaking to Microsoft on 0344 800 2400.

  difarn 19:10 15 Jul 2018

This is an extract from the Microsoft rules on transferring Microsoft Office.

" If the old computer is completely "dead" or permanently retired you do not have to uninstall Office as long as you know it will not be used"

This is the article

click here

  wee eddie 19:25 15 Jul 2018

Of course, if it is OEM, you will not be able to install it on your new PC.

  difarn 23:40 15 Jul 2018

Yes, it does say that in the article.

  BGP167 23:43 15 Jul 2018

Thank you all, that's really helpful.

  mole44 05:15 16 Jul 2018

Loads of free office software even google docs.

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