Can I register a program via the Registry?

  Jonno131 11:10 24 Nov 2014

I have a copy of SuperJPG which I want to instal on a new PC. The program loads as a 30 day trial with the option to register. I have a username and code but apparently the program is no longer supported (Midnight Blue)so I can't register it. Is it possible to input the registration info direct into the Registry and if so what keys should I access? Thanks for any info.

  Jollyjohn 11:30 24 Nov 2014

Yes it is. You will need to find the registry keys on the current installation. A little bit of searching through the registry will be needed. Once found, copy the keys to a USB stick. Instal program on new pc, go to registry and copy keys across. May need a reboot for it to work.

  Jonno131 14:26 24 Nov 2014

Thanks both. I can't copy the keys for the registered program as I've scrapped the old PC. I still have the setup program and my registration passcode. Looking at the registry the current entries are (Default) REG_SZ and blank under data. I was hoping that I could create a key containing the passcode - or is that not possible.

  Jollyjohn 16:10 24 Nov 2014

I don't think it will work now, you need the old registry key that was generated when you completed the registration process.

Have a look in the registry for a date of installation key and after 28 days, go in and change this??

Even uninstalling and reinstalling may not work as there may be a key left behind to say you have already used the trial.

  Jonno131 19:17 24 Nov 2014

Thanks Jollyjohn

I think I have a disk image from a couple of years back on an old HD. I'll have a root around and maybe be able to pick something out of that. Looking at the original registration letter I see that I've been using the program since May 1999! Kind of like an old friend. Thanks for your advice.

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