Can I reformat a DVD+RW?

  Bobnik 13:28 14 Mar 2007

For some reason 2 DVD+DW discs I have used in the past will not erase or record over. Is there a way to re-format them? Nero & DVD Dycrypter willl not let me do this.

  Kate B 13:35 14 Mar 2007

I wouldn't rely on rewritable DVDs - as you're discovering, they don't really bear repeated use. If you can't make it work in Nero, I suspect the DVD is corrupted in some way.

  Phphred 13:42 14 Mar 2007

Have you tried Nero's INCD to format, although you should wipe it first with nero and it should do that?

  eedcam 13:48 14 Mar 2007

Kate I use RW's all the time for tv programmes so far had no problems depends a lot which ones you use. Bobnik have a look here maybe your burner needs updating click here

  Bobnik 13:49 14 Mar 2007

Thanks for the advice. INCD was not able to rectify the issue either. I suspect I have gained 2 matching coasters!

  Bobnik 13:52 14 Mar 2007

Thanks eedcam the writer and firmware are up to date. I am using a Sony DVD RW DW Q31A

  postie24 17:02 14 Mar 2007

Dvd rw,s are an unstable format to save data on,but are fine for recording and erasing tv programmes etc use dvd r,s instead for saving data.

  Bobnik 17:25 14 Mar 2007

Thanks Postie24 I have only been using the disc's for temporary photo slide shows. I have just managed to re-format using my DVD/HDD recorder. so I can now use the disc's for Tv instead of coasters.

Thanks again for everyones help

  postie24 17:41 14 Mar 2007

Glad you sorted it


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