can I recover overwritten dbx files?

  dobbin 09:20 13 May 2005

I accidentally overwrote all my outlook express files when importing some old files from a backup.

Is there anyway to recover them?

  Belatucadrus 12:28 13 May 2005

Recovery software will dig out deleted files, but not I think previous versions of existing files, have you tried System Restore ?

  vaughan007 12:31 13 May 2005

I think you are going to struggle with this one.

You can always try recovery software but I am pretty sure you will have minimal success.

Just search on google for recovery software or recovering deleted files or something similar.

In my opinion, however, you have minimal chance of success.

  dobbin 07:42 14 May 2005

Thanks Belatucadrus and Vaughan, i think you are right I thought it was worth asking. I did try system restore but of course the dbx files are held in the my documents folder which does not get restored. I won't try and do anything like that again after I've had a beer!

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