Can I recover a lost Word document?

  TimCDC 16:11 18 Apr 2005

I have just accidentally "saved as" one document using the title of another - in other words, I have saved document X using the title document Y, but the trouble is, document Y already existed and has now been saved over. Quite apart from feeling a real numpty, I wonder, is there any way that I can recover the original file? Tim

  Yoda Knight 16:20 18 Apr 2005

you could try having a look through the temporary files and see if there was a backup made at any point, but I wouldnt hold my breath :(

  TimCDC 16:32 18 Apr 2005

..thanks Yoda, where would i find the temporary files?

  Yoda Knight 16:35 18 Apr 2005

There should be a Temp folder in your Windows directory that may have the backups

  Yoda Knight 16:36 18 Apr 2005

If you do find anything that looks promising, change the extension to .doc and open it

  TimCDC 16:39 18 Apr 2005

No joy, but thanks for the idea Yoda

I feel a bit of humble pie and admission to my colleague that I've lost our joint work....


unless anyone else can help?

  Diemmess 16:42 18 Apr 2005

Just for interest, though I don't think it will solve your problem!

Have you ever bothered to open a Word 2000 document with Notepad? (If the doc is too large it won't open!)

I believe the whole troubled history is there for those who understand the code......... As you scroll down through the gibberish you will see patches of readable text.........My point is that you might be able to copy and paste any critical data you might recognise there.

  TimCDC 16:59 18 Apr 2005

Just given it a try, Diemmess, and I can see all the new document but none of the old. Take your point though.
I've downloaded "Doc Regenerator" and it is currently scanning to see what it can find. Fingers crossed.

  TimCDC 17:35 18 Apr 2005

Couldn't get the trial version of doc regenerator to do anything have given up and going home feeling sad for myself!

  wiz-king 20:04 18 Apr 2005

You could scan it in useing a scanner and an OCR prog, might be quicker than typing.

  TimCDC 16:57 19 Apr 2005

Nope, no hard copy. Will spend tomorrow morning trying to re-create the original document from memory. But thanks all for your suggestions

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