Can I Record songs from DVD onto CD/R

  Simac 16:22 03 Apr 2005

I want to know if I can record just the soundtracks from a DVD onto a CD/R Disk, as a friend is having problems viewing the DVD on their system I wondered then if I could record the songs onto a CD/R so at least they could hear the songs!!

The Disk is obviously a DVD from a concert and I want to know if I can at least record the soundtrack, using Windows Media Player!!

  Technotiger 16:33 03 Apr 2005
  Simac 16:53 03 Apr 2005

Technotiger, thanks for the link but still not sure what I have to do, checked the link where it suggests using smartripper but could not find it anywhere....

Any indications as to what I have to do once on the link?? For I am still no further forward!!


  Simac 17:00 03 Apr 2005

Still need help for I did a search for smartripper so as i can download the program the problem is I use Windows XP and the program is only compatible with Windows 9x, ME and 2000.

Any suggestions would be of great help.


  Technotiger 17:23 03 Apr 2005

Hi, sorry you are not any further - I don't know if there is a solution personally, I just knew about that link I gave you, and hoped it would help. Sorry I cannot be of any more assistance.

  Technotiger 17:28 03 Apr 2005

Me again - I think you will find a download site for Smart Ripper here

click here

  Magik ®© 17:37 03 Apr 2005

smart ripper works with XP........

  Simac 18:13 03 Apr 2005

Yes ok I have now managed to find a site that will be compatible for downloading smart ripper, but found a site that suggests I also need programs called DVD2AVI and Audacity, where does it end I thought smart ripper would be enough!!

Thanks for all your help anyway will now teat it to see if I can get it to work!!


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