Can I record a digital program on Toshiba DVD Recorder &VCR

  Trenny 17:44 14 Mar 2013

I have a Toshiba DVD Recorder &VCR which used to record analogue TV programs. Is it possible to record Digital TV programs with it? It plays DVDs and VCRs quite OK. This isn't strictly 'computers', I realise, but am lost as to where to look for an answer.

  john bunyan 17:56 14 Mar 2013

You need to connect it to a Digital Set Top Box, which are quite cheap.You set it to record from AV and set the box to be on the challel you want at the time you want.


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  john bunyan 18:21 14 Mar 2013

Challel = channel!

  Trenny 20:28 14 Mar 2013

Many thanks. We have a set top box somewhere, i think! I was hoping that it might record without an extra appendage! I'll get my husband to have another go and report back.

  Trenny 22:12 14 Mar 2013

What I meant to ask is - Can the Toshiba VCR be used in conjunction with our Sony Digital TV? I understand that there isn't a suitable socket or something. Sorry to be vague,

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  john bunyan 22:33 14 Mar 2013

I suspect that the Toshiba has a SCART , not HDMI output. Inside the tuner is analogue - now out of date. A set top box effectively becomes the tuner for the Toshiba. If there is an input SCART or HDMI on it you could, theoretically , get it to record from your television but there does not seem much point, and it means you have to programme the TV to output the channel you want - maybe whist you are out. In the end ,costly qas it may be, it is worth getting a digital DVD / HD recorder. If your TV has a SCART connector you should be able to watch VCR output.

  Trenny 10:19 15 Mar 2013

Sony LCD Colour TV Bravia 32EX52X. Many thanks for your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 15 Mar 2013

TV connections connect a scart or composit cable from the Tosh to the sony

  Trenny 14:44 27 May 2013

Many thanks, all. We eventually bought a Humax Recorder and my son set it up and it works a dream.

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