can I read emails received on my othyer computer?

  ernieernie 18:46 10 Dec 2008

I have desktop and laptop computers.
I use the same email address on both of them and they gain access through the same router but if I get an email on one computer I cannot then read it on the other. Is there some way to do this or even to copy it to the other one?

  cocteau48 18:59 10 Dec 2008

This may help:
click here

  ernieernie 19:05 10 Dec 2008

Thanks cocteau48. I have done what you said but what happens next?

  cocteau48 19:14 10 Dec 2008

If the email is left on the server then,even though you have downloaded it onto one machine,it should still be available on the server to download onto your second machine. I believe that that is how it should work.

  BurrWalnut 19:21 10 Dec 2008

If your ISP allows mail to be left on their server, it's a simple procedure. Open Outlook Express:
1. On all PCs:
Tools > Accounts > Mail [mail account(s)] > Properties > Advanced Tab > Delivery and put a check in ‘Leave a copy of messages on server‘.

2. On one PC:
Tools > Accounts > Mail [mail account(s)] > Properties > Advanced Tab > Delivery and select ‘Remove from server after XX days’ (choose as appropriate)

3. Optional on one PC (if you delete mail when closing the program on Tools > Options > Maintenance Tab):
Tools > Accounts > Mail [mail account(s)] > Properties > Advanced Tab > Delivery and put a check in ‘Remove from server when deleted from Deleted Items‘.

4. Send an email to yourself to check that it's working on all machines.

5. Unfortunately, Sent Items cannot be synchronised with a POP account but you can circumvent this by including your email address in the Bcc (blind carbon copy) box when creating mail. Then, as the mail is received, simply drag it from the Inbox to Sent Items.

  ernieernie 19:46 10 Dec 2008

Thanks folks. I have done all that and now have get off my backside and get myself upstairs to the other computer to see if it works.

  ernieernie 19:57 10 Dec 2008

Success! You are all so clever!
Like quiz questions - if you know the answer it is so easy. Once you know the answer it becomes obvious.
That's Life!

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