Can I Put Old Software Into A New Laptop ?

  Teecee1309 09:42 04 Apr 2017

Hello, We are looking to buy a new Windows 10 Laptop but we don't want to buy the new version of Microsoft Office as we wouldn't use a lot of the software on it. We have an original 2004 version of Microsoft Word and an original 2003 version of Publisher on CD, so would it be okay to put both of these on the new laptop ?. Hope someone can hlep us with this question, thank you

  alanrwood 10:35 04 Apr 2017

Don't see why not although you will not get any MS support for these old versions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:53 04 Apr 2017

Yes they will work. The work on my desktop running windows 10.

  Teecee1309 11:31 04 Apr 2017

Thank you Alanrwood and Fruit Bat, that's brilliant news, I was hoping that was the case.

  conrail 21:03 05 Apr 2017

Hi, I am running office XP on my windows 10 laptop, no problems

  Teecee1309 12:16 06 Apr 2017

Thanks Conrail and MJS WARLORD, that's great to know.

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