Can I put a 3.06 Gig in my PC (see post)

  AnthonyB 23:58 31 Dec 2003


I was wondering if I could put a 3 gig (or a 3.2 one) in my pc. It is a Hewlett packard with a 2.66 Pentium 4, on a 533 BUS. I heard something about "stepping" - whats that?, and would a 3.06 CPU work on my "Non HT" (hyperthreading) pc?



Happy new tear too - well it will be whrn you read this!

  DieSse 00:07 01 Jan 2004

The 3 and 3.2 GHz processors are both for use with an 800MHz FSB (and both have Hyperthreading) - so would be useless in your system.

The 3.06GHz might work (would have to be looked into) - but the performance gain would be hardly worth the cost, as the hyperthraeding would not work anyway.

  AnthonyB 00:27 01 Jan 2004

Thanks Diesee,

So a Better GFX card (like from my Radeon 9000 to a Radeon 9800 would be a better upgrade yes? (would need a new case though to house a bigger PSU than my "200 watter" Recommend any top quality cases with equally top quality PSU's? (sometimes you get a great case with a low quality 300 watter - which might not be enough.



  DieSse 00:33 01 Jan 2004

Yes, a better graphics card would be a good upgrade, if you are doing things that need one. So might more RAM - depending how much you have, and what you do with the system.

The latset top-of-the-range graphics cards are all pretty power hungry - so would likle need a larger power supply.

The problem with all these "branded" designs is that you need to check very carefully if you change the case/PSU, that the old board has standard fittings and port positions, and power connections - required to fit into a "standard" case.

The back panel where the mouse and keyboard plug into is removeable... i would check very carefully is you do decide to "transplant" you motherboard etc over.

Check first though if a new power supply would be enough to cope though.

But definatley a new graphics card would increase you performance rather that a 600mhz increase in processor speed.

  DieSse 11:22 01 Jan 2004

Pilch from - 3.06 - 2.66 = 400Mhz ;-o)

was a mistake caused by too much excess last nite ;-)

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