Can I print off font samples to view?

  [email protected] 14:41 03 Sep 2004

I'm currently working on a school newsletter and would like to print off a sheet of the font types that could be used for the newsletter. I have Publisher (which I am using) & also Word 2003. Is there a trick to printing a sample sheet?

  Lionheart ? 15:01 03 Sep 2004

Open up your fonts folder in the windows directory, pick the font you require you should be able to print from there.

  Pesala 20:18 03 Sep 2004

click here

It makes it easy to print out a line or paragraph of sample text in each of several selected fonts. You can edit the sample text, choose the font size, and then select the fonts to print.

  [email protected] 20:43 03 Sep 2004

Thanks- I was hoping for something that wouold print the drop down box so I could show them all- is this poss?

  Pesala 21:01 03 Sep 2004

In the Font Thing, just select the installed fonts tab, select all the fonts, and print (after deciding on the sample text that you want. The default is AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 0123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()-=_+[]{};':",./<>?

It might be more useful to have something like "The sly brown fox has eaten my lunch."

  Pidder 22:36 03 Sep 2004

I use a program called FontLister recommended by someone some time ago, enables the printing of examples of all your fonts, doubtless a Google search will turn it up.

  Sans le Sou 23:14 03 Sep 2004

If you have Word you can print all your fonts by writing a Macro. I have all my fonts printed out with a sample of upper and lower case plus numerals and symbols. You can produce a spiral bound doc if you have enough fonts. click here

  Sans le Sou 23:22 03 Sep 2004

This may be better with Word 2003click here

  [email protected] 07:31 05 Sep 2004

Thanks for your replies- will have a "play" with all your ideas this evening!

  [email protected] 07:32 05 Sep 2004

BTW went to Macro list - haven't a clue about Macros where do I "Do" it?????

  Stuartli 08:52 05 Sep 2004

Can't remember how I used to print out font samples in earlier versions of Windows (generally used to just view them in the individual font viewer).

However, with XP, you go to Control Panel>Fonts and double click the font you wish to print out as a sample. On the sample page, click Print.

It may well be the same for earlier versions of Windows.

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