can i play game with highest settings on this lapi

  arpit_rathore7 12:21 23 Dec 2010

I just bought a new gaming laptop MSI GX660. Just want to know that is it capable enough for playing the latest games on high settings at its maximum resolution of 1366*768. I want that it should play everything that I throw at it without any lags in graphic performance. Here are the specifications: PROCESSOR: core i5-460M, RAM: DDR3(2GB*2), GRAPHIC CARD: ATI Radeon HD5870(1GB DDR5 dedicated graphics), CHIPSET: PM55, HARD DISK: 500GB SATA @5400rpm, SCREEN/RESOLUTION: 15.6" HD, Glare (1366*768) LED

  GaT7 14:02 23 Dec 2010

The HD5870 is one of the best laptop GPUs at the moment, so it should be excellent with only a handful of games struggling at maximum (ultra?) settings.

click here provides a list of all the laptop GPUs & their performances with respect to various games. The best ones are near the top, with the HD5870 lying 14th best in the list. G

  GaT7 14:12 23 Dec 2010

I think you'll find its max/native resolution is 1920*1080 - see click here (under the specification tab).

What I don't understand is why did you buy the laptop & then ask if it will be any good? G

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