Can I Partition and Load Y o/S Again

  SABRE 23:44 04 Dec 2003

Cant stop my son downloading suspect files/progs from the internet that cause havoc. Have reformated my h.disk to remove these type of things but is it possible to partition my hard drive (I do have partionmagic) and reload my o/s (Win XP) again on this partition and thereafter my young nuisance can do what he likes if he boots into this part of the drive and hopefully safe me from this pain again.

  [DELETED] 00:10 05 Dec 2003

You can create a seperate account from yours... each with different passwords to keep the other out.... this will also create seperate folders as well. you could also set up the restrictions on IE and your Firewall to reduce his 'surfing' habits. Only problem is, unless you password protect everything, he could simply change it all back.

  lotvic 00:57 05 Dec 2003

XP lets you partition the drive without re-installing
look in the help file 'Help and Support' from the 'Start' button and enter 'partition drive' in the search box and it tells you how to do it

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