Can I Open DJVU files ?

  Furkin 15:44 16 Nov 2013

Just been sent a user manual as an attachment. But, it’s in .DJVU format.

I only have MS Office / Photoshop etc.

Is there any way I can open this without installing another program ?


  BRYNIT 16:24 16 Nov 2013

After a quick search I found DjVu ViewerCLICK HERE

  rdave13 16:28 16 Nov 2013

I found this. Looks as if you need a browser plug-in.

  Ian in Northampton 18:07 16 Nov 2013

I'd swear I've seen this question before... :-)

  Furkin 09:15 19 Nov 2013

Thanks guys,

I've tried the links/programs suggested here, but they bring such a lot of dross, download systems and malware - it took a long time to delete everything afterwards.

Still none the wiser.

The attachment in question, was a user-manual from LG

I'd not heard of DJVU before.

Is it a widely used system ?

Is it well thought of ?

  lotvic 09:58 19 Nov 2013

This page tells you about it click here

As per rdave13 says - you need a browser plug-in so you can view the compressed image file (DJVU is like a .pdf) so you need the DJVU reader plug in.

  rdave13 14:56 19 Nov 2013

Sourceforge is a reliable site so have a look at this (navigated from my previous link) Click here. I keep clear of CNet downloads now.

  rdave13 15:01 19 Nov 2013

Just downloaded it and installed . All OK.

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