Can I open 2 files in Excel?

  hawthorn59 14:39 29 Aug 2010


I've just tried toopen 2 files in Excel and it doesn't appear to be able to do that. Is this the case or am I doing something wrong? I never needed to do this before!


  mgmcc 14:42 29 Aug 2010

You can actually. Launch the program TWICE and then from each running instance open the file that you want.

  skeletal 23:37 29 Aug 2010

You can open a lot of files simultaneously in Excel (there is probably an upper limit but I don’t know what it is!).

But, they appear “in” the Excel window rather than separate workbooks, which is what you would get following mgmcc’s suggestion.

At the top right of the Excel screen you should see the usual minus sign, square (or double square), and cross for manipulating the window. Just below that is a second set. This second set controls the files “in” the Excel window e.g. clicking the minus sign minimises that file and reveals a second file you have open. The minimised files shrink to the bottom left, but again within the Excel window.

You can fiddle with these controls just the same as any other window, but everything stays “in” Excel.

Not the easiest thing to explain, but I hope you see what I mean.


  hawthorn59 03:49 30 Aug 2010

Yeah I'll have to open the programme twice. I want both windows visible to swap info in a spreadsheet in order to produce a new one. Strange that you cant view 2 open files at the same time. You can do it in Word.



  Kevscar1 06:17 30 Aug 2010

You can use the double square to get the top one smaller, drag it to the right and use the arrow to drag it out to fill that half. thenmoe the second to the left and do the same.

  kristain 07:09 30 Aug 2010

open both the files and then
right click on bottom right corner(where computer time displayed) and click on

1. Tile window horizontally
2. Title window vertically

  VoG II 09:30 30 Aug 2010

Don't start Excel twice then open different files. You can't copy and paste between files open in separate instances of Excel.

  mgmcc 11:59 30 Aug 2010

>>> You can't copy and paste between files open in separate instances of Excel.

Why not, I do this regularly? (Excel 2003)

I use Sage accounts from which I send data to Excel. Each time it does this, a new instance of Excel is launched and I copy/paste between them.

  VoG II 12:10 30 Aug 2010

I apologise - you are correct. What won't work (without some wizardry) is using VBA to copy and paste between different instances of Excel. I was getting confused in my old age...

  mgmcc 12:12 30 Aug 2010

I have these "senior moments" too ;)

  BRYNIT 12:26 30 Aug 2010

If you are using Excel 2007 open both files go to the view tab, to the right click on view side by side. You can also select synchronous scrolling.

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