can I move outlook folder from C Drive?

  shaneoneill 11:42 24 Jun 2010


Does anyone know if it is possible to move Outlook off my C drive and put it on my D drive. its takling up nearly 10gb of a 35gb disk - the extra space would be handy if I could move this to the very roomy D Drive.

Thanks for any advice,


  gengiscant 12:08 24 Jun 2010
  mimosa418 15:48 24 Jun 2010

Drag the outlook.pst file to your desired location.
When you restart outlook the program will be unable to locate this file and you will be given the opportunity to locate it manually.
Outlook will continue to use the file at its new location afterward

  rawprawn 20:31 24 Jun 2010

I would question having 10gb of usage in Outlook, don't you ever delete unwanted files or archive them?
A good clean out may be the answer.

  shaneoneill 11:13 27 Jun 2010

Hi Mimosa - thanks, looks like the solution for me.

RawPrawn, good point, however I operate a business and need to keep every mail.

Thanks to all ..

  shaneoneill 11:22 27 Jun 2010

Mimosa: according to Tweatnow 2009, the Outlok folder in Documents and Settings is 7.4gb in size.

When I locate the folder, it tells me it is only 900kb ..

Why is this? I cant locate the 7.4gb of data to facilitate the move!

Thanks ,

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