Can I mix PC2100 DDR RAM with PC2700 DDR RAM?

  alilee2002 13:04 04 Jan 2003
  alilee2002 13:04 04 Jan 2003

I have a MESH pc with an Asus A7N8X motherboard.
I have currently a PC2100 DDR 256mb of RAM but I need to upgrade to 512mb RAM.

Do I need to get the same version or can I get faster PC2700 DDR RAM instead?


  alilee2002 13:13 04 Jan 2003

Someone plz help me, I need to find out :(


  AMD 4 ever 13:28 04 Jan 2003

For optimum performance use the same speed. Check to see if your mobo can accept pc2700, if so it should in theory run at the slower speed of pc2100, although this is not always the case and can be more trouble than what it is worth mixing ram.

  barrie_g 13:29 04 Jan 2003

you may well be able to mix both types of ram though you would not see the advantages of the faster 2700 as it will run only at the slower 2100 speed.

the best way to check this will be to look at your mobo manual to check which speeds the mobo supports.

  exodus 13:36 04 Jan 2003

Your motherboard will accept pc2700 or pc2100 ram modules but as mentioned above, if you mix them they will probably run at the lower speed.

  alilee2002 13:50 04 Jan 2003

Thanks guyz, problems solved. One more question, is there much significance from pc2100 to pc2700?
For example I play games like Age of Mythology and Warcraft 3 frequently? How much will PC2700 improve this?


  exodus 14:09 04 Jan 2003

In practice, I do not think you will notice much difference in performance, if any. If you are keen on games, then it is more likely the graphics card or cpu causing a bottleneck. Another 256 mb of pc2100 I think.

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