Can I make someone smile, and learn a lesson

  swapper 07:41 01 Oct 2003

I find that when I am on my desktop, whenever I try to open a shortcut anywhere on the screen, whichever shortcut is at the top of the screen opens. changing the postion of the short cut makes no difference, it is always the one at the top that opens, even if I select the shortcut at the bottom of the screen. Once I am in a prog. the mouse is's just at the desktop I have changed to another mouse, checked both online and off, for viruses, have avaste, ZA, and History kill installed, but cannot find any problems indicated...this is driving me mad. Any help please?

-pops- Thu, 04.09.03 | 08:10
There is a "joke" program called something like Crazy Mouse that causes behaviour like you are describing.
I can't understand the warped minds of people who inflict these things on others but it may well be this.

Have a look in Google about it.

Andsome Thu, 04.09.03 | 10:05
Click START/SEARCH, and type crazy mouse. Ensure that the setting is to search your hard drive. If crazy mouse is present you will see it, and can right click and select delete.

Belatucadrus Thu, 04.09.03 | 10:33
And if it is crazy mouse, then pick up a big stick and go looking for the clever dick that loaded it.

swapper Thu, 04.09.03 | 13:42
Thanks for the response....I searched for Crazy mouse Crazy* and Mouse, where nothing showed with a present date. The annoying thing is that after a while, in the session, it revert back to o.k.
As it happens I had spent a lot of time on-line yesterday, when I could have caught something nasty. I did look in google, but did not really know how to search.

swapper Wed, 01.10.03 | 07:38
I can't believe that this has happened :-((
Because I could not resolve this, I thought perhaps it was my hard drive playing up, but I reformatted, and reinstalled WinXP but still got the same problem, my mouse cursor was still misbehaving, after three attempts, I decided the PC must go back to the supplier, just as I was about to switch of for the last time I noticed that "the page up" key was permamently depressed............problem solved.

  swapper 07:54 02 Oct 2003

Yeah! life is great:-)

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