can i make a cdr into a rw

  jonostar 16:50 03 May 2005

i have loads and loads of write once cds that have little bits of info on them,, single tracks or photos. etc,, wondering if there is a program that will erase whats on the disc so i could use it again.. yours budgetingly craig..xx

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:52 03 May 2005

No you cannot do what you have suggested.

However if the disc were recorded in multi session you can add other data to the disk to fill it.

  TomJerry 18:06 03 May 2005

if you can do that

  Stuartli 18:55 03 May 2005

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ points out, if you use CD-R disks in multisession mode, you can keep adding files to them until the disk is full.

I do it to store/backup applications, programs, utilities etc and it's a useful way of installing updates, new versions etc on other systems.

You start a disk in multisession mode (with Nero at least), give the Folder a name (make sure it makes it obvious what's on the disk) and keep dragging and dropping files onto the folder name before a burning session; make sure each new addition is Saved to the file.

Also keep a proper record of what's on as you can get a lot of items on one disk.

When the final item is to go on the disk, ensure that Finalise is selected to close the disk after the burn.

I've named most of my multisession CD-Rs as VariousOne, VariousTwo and so on.

  Sans le Sou 21:23 03 May 2005

The clue is in the phrase "write once"

  jonostar 22:25 03 May 2005

hey thanks for all your help/// and sans le sou; no shit sherlock!!!

  Stuartli 12:43 04 May 2005

Perhaps you could explain that?

The explanations given have been for future use of blank CD-Rs, not ones already burned.

  Sans le Sou 17:27 04 May 2005

jonostar - elementary really

stuartlittle - wasn't taking to you

  Pooke100 17:44 04 May 2005

Multi-session is very useful I keep adding photos to the same cd-r's just add them in a new folder with the event that they where taken at, sometimes months apart, eg added a folder saying first birthday, then added a folder months later named zoo trip at easter.

For short term portable storage I 'd recommend a usb pen they are far more economical, they've come down in price recently too. PC World always have some discount/promotion on one brand or another.



  Stuartli 20:48 04 May 2005

>> stuartlittle - wasn't taking to you>>

Even though you've turned me into a film star...:-)

  Dart Echo 23:02 04 May 2005

MGNM award for Thread Of The Day.

Most amusing my dears.

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