Can i install XP Pro on two computers?

  dazgwinn 19:36 20 Apr 2004

Is it possible and legal to install my XP Pro editon on two different computers?

  Totally-braindead 19:37 20 Apr 2004

I believe the answer is no

  AndySD 19:43 20 Apr 2004

Unless you have brought a corperate license then no

  ianeon 21:00 20 Apr 2004

Go to click here then to "XPFixes" then to "Change registered ownership and organisation" this procedure may help you with your problem

  ianeon 21:03 20 Apr 2004

This may help
75. Want to move a Windows XP Installation to Different Hardware. How to do that ?

In most of the scenarios (legal !), You would be doing one of the following acts:

A. Migrate a working Windows XP operating system and your installed programs to a different or more powerful computer in minimal downtime.
B. Replace a small system/boot disk drive with a larger system/boot disk drive.
C. Restore a Windows backup from a malfunctioning computer to a different computer for disaster recovery purposes

Windows Backup (Ntbackup.exe) can handle differences in hardware configuration information between computers and maintain critical registry entries that are unique to the computer to which You are migrating information. This capability means that You can migrate to new hardware by performing a full backup of the source computer and Then restoring the backup over a fresh installation of Windows XP on the destination computer.

Ntbackup.exe handles restore operations in the registry by first querying the following registry key:

This registry key indicates to Ntbackup.exe that certain registry keys under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM key should not be overwritten when files are restored.

An entry that ends with a backslash (\) indicates that a key is protected and that any keys or values under that key should not be restored. If the entry ends with a backslash and an asterisk (\*), all subkeys are "merged." In this situation, "merged" means comparing the start values of the keys in the backup set with the start values that exist in the current registry, to determine the correct key to restore.

If the value of the key on the backup set has a lower start value, the backup key takes precedence. If the value of the key in the current registry has a lower start value, the current key takes precedence. This process ensures that all services and devices start correctly after a "system state" restoration, even on dissimilar hardware.

Complete details on this are available at Microsoft site at How to Move a Windows XP Installation to Different Hardware (Q314070)

  SGT [email protected] 21:10 20 Apr 2004

i understood that you could as long as one was a desktop and the other was a laptop.

maybe i'm wrong .

  sdf 21:32 20 Apr 2004

I think the desktop/laptop bit was Office. As far as I know with windows one liscence one computer

  ventanas 21:45 20 Apr 2004

As sdf says, that rule is for Office. XP is very clear. One disc, one machine. You can transfer the licence, but only if you remove it from the original machine. I did it with a simple call to Microsoft. It's very likely that a second installation would fail to activate.

  Djohn 22:02 20 Apr 2004

Yes' Office two PC's. O/S one PC except for the new office, that will activate on three PC's. Activation of XP as an operating system will work on more than one PC but only after a period of time! Microsoft is fully aware of this and seem to accept the fact. j.

  dazgwinn 07:41 21 Apr 2004

Thank you all for your help,Dazgwinn

  billyliv 12:49 21 Apr 2004

Hi, Following the above, I attempted to load my copy of XP home (I have had it since XP shipped) onto another computer. Installation went normally and I got the return message from microsoft that 'Activation was accepted'. I am now going to load all the updates. (Good job I am on 600k broadband). Cheers, Bill

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