Can I install WinXP onto a Linux Laptop?

  Demora 23:18 23 Aug 2008


My daughter has gone for one of these 'Free' Laptops from a high street Phone shop and she chose the 'Elonex Webbook' as its small enough to take everywhere with her. The only thing is that she'd like a partition with winXP on it. But there isn't a cd drive.

Any advice for me to help her would be gratefully recieved.

She also go a T-Mobile mobile broadband package which isn't supported by Linux as far as I can see.

I have a usb cd writer and also an 8gb usb pen drive.

Also Acronis software.



  Forum Editor 23:58 23 Aug 2008

we thought that this machine was available with Linux or Windows XP - the test machine we had was certainly running XP. click here for our review.

I see no reason why your daughter shouldn't install XP, but the machine doesn't have that much drive space - she may be better advised to forget about dual operating systems and settle for one or the other.

You could certainly install XP using your USB CD writer, but you will have to tell the BIOS to boot from that drive before you start.

  DieSse 00:48 24 Aug 2008

What is it that she can't do that she thinks she needs XP to do?

I think it's very unlikely that the system doesn't support the broadband package it was supplied with - why would they do that? Has she asked them?

  Demora 00:53 24 Aug 2008

The Laptop has 512 mbs ddr2 memory and an 80gig hdd. as I used to have only a 20 gig I would have thought there would be plenty there.

She could have had windows version, But as she's a student she thought that because of all the free Linux software she'd give it a go.

Thanks for the reply.


  Demora 01:08 24 Aug 2008

So far she has been able to connect to the internet. But the dongle came in a seperate box with a SIM card and a cd. On her desktop (Ubuntu) theres an Icon for mobile broadband. That works fine. All the instructions for the cd are for Windows and MAC OS.

I think when she connects its just like Using for eg: Virgin without there install programme. As she's away till Monday I can't have a play around. (I'm not that familiar with Linux but what I have seen on the laptop looked easy enough.

Everything must be there. Its just finding it. But in what I suppose is the list of programs I can't see anything to do with T-Mobile.



  DieSse 01:17 24 Aug 2008

"On her desktop (Ubuntu) theres an Icon for mobile broadband. That works fine."

Not sure what you mean. Is the T-Mobile broadband working fine? - If not what other mobile broadband is it using?

Perhaps the CD is for Windows and Mac because Linux doesn't need it?

She's quite right in that there's loads of free Linux software.

  Forum Editor 01:32 24 Aug 2008

but your daughter shoud be able to get connected, she just won't have the Web & Walk manager on her desktop. I use the T-Mobile mobile broadband service - the monthly contract version - on my laptop, and I probably have the same adapter. It works perfectly in Windows XP and Vista, but I haven't tried it with Linux.

The machine we reviewed didn't have nearly as much hard drive space as your daughter's version, which is why I mentioned it.

  Demora 09:24 25 Aug 2008

The T-mobile dongle works fine as FE said. I cannot get her 'Web and Walk' software on there.

I think thats what she wants to use. For the text messaging. etc.

I can't see any instructions either for getting into the BIOS. But I'll try 'delete' key when she's back tonight.

My query would now be about getting windows onto this machine. I have an upgrade for Winxp cd which I used on my old pc. That computer has long gone. I still have my win 98cd. Or would I have to buy her a new version?

I also have Acronis Disk Director.10.

I'm not sure I'd want to format the hdd as the Linux software is in a partition on the hdd and no setup discs came with the laptop. BTW I also have a 40gig 2.5 hdd I could clone her hdd onto and then format the one in the Elonex. If anything went wrong I suppose I could then clone it back.



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