can I install usb2

  merc. 19:53 04 Aug 2004

I have a Evesham Axis AMD duron 1.4 with a Giga-Byte GA 7VTX motherboard and nvidia ge force mx 400 graphics card I was wondering if I can install this usb2 card from dabs (connect 3100lp usb 2 3port pci card) into my computer without much bother if so do I keep my old usb 1s installed (2 rear 2 front) or remove them.

Have 256 ram


  Earthworm 19:56 04 Aug 2004

just wack it in and windows will recogonise it no problem. also keep you USB 1 for connection as well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:57 04 Aug 2004

Unless you are video-editing or transferring huge Gbs of data, USB 2 will make little or no difference. Installing 2 is simple, just push the card into any available slot but I cannot see the point.


  Mikè 20:20 04 Aug 2004

The above is correct providing you have XP SP1.

  merc. 20:30 04 Aug 2004

Thanks to all, will give it more consideration before diving into it.

Have got sp1 installed just waiting on no 2 release.


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