Can i increase the memory?

  deneka 17:53 26 Aug 2003

Just need some advice on my pc. I have quite an old pc ( i think ) I have been told it is about 8 years old. It has 64mb of ram and runs on Win98.

I have been given conflicting information with regards to upgrading the memory to about 256mb.

I have been told the pc is too old and that 'the bios in the motherboard would not accept it' and i have also been told ' that the bios doesnt come into it and that the memory could easily be increased'.

I dont really want to have to spend out for a new pc but i desperatly need more memory on the hard drive, could you please leave your advice on this for me, i probably wont be able to check back until later tonight or tommorow, so i hope you have all the info you need.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

  Belatucadrus 18:02 26 Aug 2003

I looked at upgrading the memory on a similar vintage PC about a year ago, the price of RAM modules for a machine of that age was horrendous, I ended up buying a new PC.

  Quiller. 19:29 26 Aug 2003

You say you want,

" i desperatly need more memory on the hard drive, "

This is totally separate from the ram modules used in the PC. This is virtual memory that is accessed on your hard drive. With 64 meg of physical memory installed, you could set your virtual memory to about 150 meg. Make this min and max.

If you want to upgrade the physical memory, i.e. memory you can plug into the motherboard. Your first sourse of reference should be the motherboard manual. This will have a table of the maximum ammout of memory the ram slots will take.

If you do not have the manual, post the motherboard make and model and some one will point you to the manual.

Also while you are looking at memory. Checkout how many memory slots there are on the board. Also is the current 64mb in one stick or 2 x 32mb sticks.

I have seen computers of this age take the max of 32mb in single dimms and also some take 256mb of dimms. So it may be possible to add more memory, you also have the option of increasing your virtual memory.

  SEASHANTY 19:39 26 Aug 2003

Your memory is probably 72 pin Edo ram which as mentioned above - the price is horrendous. Go for a new PC. Even the price of PC100 SDRAM, all the rage until a few months ago has now increased to be more expensive than the later PC133 SDRAM plus the PC2100 and PC2700 are now rapidly falling in price. You may be able to purchase some of the older memory sticks at computer fairs but most people have thrown it away. Its virtually useless these days UNLESS you are desparate to buy it - when you will certainly pay thru the nose from a retail outlet.

  deneka 20:36 26 Aug 2003

Ok, you are confusing me now. i know nothing about pc's really. i bought it second hand for £40 and didnt get any manuals or disks with it.

Basically i have photos and stuff stored on the pc and i am not sure if it is this or not, but i keep getting a pop up telling me to preform disk cleanup as there is no room left on the c:\.

I am assuming this is lack of memory or i may be wrong, please correct me if i am wrong. I wouldnt have the first idea on how to find out details of the motherboard or anything, all i know is that it is 2 sticks of 32mb in there because i have had the machine taken apart in a shop. These were the people that told me the bios wouldnt accept more memory.

Having said that a friend who knows a bit about computers told me that it could be increased and would be quite cheap.

Basically i havent got the money to buy a brand new pc and am afraid of buying another 2nd hand one incase it is as useless as this one, as i dont really know what i am looking for.

Any further suggestions?

  Belatucadrus 20:49 26 Aug 2003

This isn't a memory problem, so changing the memory RAM sticks isn't going to help. This is a storage space issue, your hard drive sounds as if it's nearly full. You now need to look at what you have on in the way of programs and stored photos and uninstall what you no longer require.
It is possible to get bigger hard drives at quite reasonable prices, but if you have no disks with the PC it sounds as if it's going to be difficult to set up.

  Quiller. 21:38 26 Aug 2003

Is spot on. You will have to either clean up the hard drive, uninstall some progs, or think of getting a slave hard drive.

If you decide to get a slave hard drive, for extra storage. You now have the extra headache that machines of that age have size limitations for hard drives. It could be 1.99gig or 8.4 gig or 32gig size.

If you goto my computer and right click your "C" drive. Scroll to properties and report back with what sizes it reports.


Forgot it could be simms, edo. lol

  Belatucadrus 22:19 26 Aug 2003

A couple of things you can do for a start is open the properties window for the c: drive, there is a button labelled "Disk cleanup.." below and to the right of the disk diagram. click on it and run the utility. Then click on the tools tab of the properties window and run Defragment, this should optimise what little space you have.

  deneka 08:54 27 Aug 2003

Belatucadrus - it comes up with:
Used space: 1,614,938,112 bytes 1.50GB
Free space: 531,693,568 bytes 507MB

Thats all i can see on there, hope this the info you required? if not let me know.

and bsod - i am doing as you suggested now,how does this work then? Also i noticed a 'disk compression' option, i didnt do anything on it,but just wondered what exactly this does?

  plankton 09:24 27 Aug 2003

OK, there are some options here. It sounds like youve got a P1, which needs ram and a hard drive - just like mine did when my daughter started to use it for educational games (Maths, reading etc) and of course Tony the tiger's racing game. I got some memory (and you'll probably ne 2x32Mb at the bottom of the page) from click here
which isnt too bad. The PC probably wont take more than 128Mb in total anyway (we'll have to know what make etc to find out). The second disk I cadged off someone who was scrapping an old PC, it's another 1.9Gb, but doubles the space and doesny need partitions set up, as a larger one would. E-bay have auctions on small disks as well.

I suggest you look to do something like that until you can afford a new piece of kit.

  Smiler 10:16 27 Aug 2003

click here

here's a search on ebay have a look

and the memory suggested by plankton is £12.34 for 64mb edo 72pin dimm a couple of these would replace what you have if you dont have four slots

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