Can I improve on this router

  Head hurts 14:01 09 Feb 2011

I run vista home premium through a Netgear DG834PN and use an iPad for surfing, emails etc wirelessly.
I live in a 3 bed detached house and the router is running in the office upstairs probably 4 metres away max.
The house is substantial being ex MOD.
My Internet connection is not the best and at max I get around 1.4meg and often far less so I need to maximise my equipment.
I admit that the latest technology may have passed me by so I hope you do not mind helping me.
My speed dropped to less than 0.5meg this morning and it increased again after changing router channels from 11 to 1 but as my speeds fluctuate this could have been coincidental.
Recently my Internet provider has been trying to help (plus net) but although the speeds were very low for around 2 weeks running at less than 0.5meg it increased just prior to referral to Openreach so apparently BT would not accept as fault due to line being within parameters.
Finally I was using a router supplied by them direct into the master socket and this was no better than my own, so are there any better routers I could purchase to maximise my speed and wireless connection?

  mgmcc 21:18 09 Feb 2011

>>> My speed dropped to less than 0.5meg this
>>> morning and it increased again after changing
>>> router channels from 11 to 1 but as my speeds
>>> fluctuate this could have been coincidental.

I'd suggest running a speed test with the computer connected to the router by ethernet cable, not wirelessly, to establish the speed that you're actually getting from the ADSL service.

  Ashrich 00:13 10 Feb 2011

iPad's , especially the earlier ones are notorious for poor wifi , Apple are going to release a patch , apparently , to solve the problem .


  Head hurts 09:15 10 Feb 2011

To clarify, my main pc in the office is hard wired and my iPad is the very latest model being an Xmas present.
I have had my netgear router for a few years and I have been very pleased with it but we moved home around a year ago and speeds where I live are awful.
I wondered if any of the new routers have improved over my netgear so that I can maximise the low speeds I am receiving.
Any replies are much appreciated.

  onthelimit 15:02 10 Feb 2011

Probably down to the ISP or the state of your phone line/distance from exchange. Doubt that a new router would help (but post back with the hard-wired stats as mgmcc suggests).

  Head hurts 17:26 10 Feb 2011

Initially I was getting 0.5meg and as BT rate the line to this speed I thought this normal until round my neighbours one day and he did a speed test for me and his was 2.2 meg.
I contacted plusnet who did some button pushing and my speed shot up to 1.6meg.
This lasted for a few weeks then went down to 0.69meg, I again contacted my ISP who assured me I was not being capped despite every speed test stopping at this speed.
We then went through 2 weeks of them running all sorts of tests and me plugging their loan router directly into BT master socket.
Plusnet contacted me and ran a SNR reset and the speed went up to 1.29meg at this point plusnet said it could not be referred to BT as this was within the line parameters.
I know that my speeds will vary as we are at end of line for the service but if my neighbour next door can achieve speeds of 2meg plus then I should also, I have achieved 1.6meg.
I am on lowest tariff with plus net at £6.99 month for up to 8meg.
They assure me I am not being capped as I have asked if taking a higher tariff would help and they say 'no'.

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