Can I improve range by hooking up 2 WAPs?

  flick 23:33 19 Jul 2005

I have a Netgear DG834G v2 ADSL wireless router which works fine with our network of 1 desktop (ethernet connected) and up to 3 laptops (wirelessly connected), but in some parts of the house the signal regularly dips to 'low' or disappears altogether. I have a Dell WAP and wondered if I could hook it up to the router to cover the 'dead' areas. Trouble is, I'm not sure how to do this or how to configure them to work together. Any ideas?

  De Marcus 10:17 20 Jul 2005

Situate your wap in what you would consider to be the centre of the 'dead spot' and then buy a cable long enough to reach you wireless router, the cable will plug into the lan port on the back of the wap and then into one of the spare slots on the back of the router (in the same way your desktop does), then you need to refer to your documentation for configuration or maybe someone has one of these and can help with the setting up, configuration and security.

My personal setup is a network of 2 pc's and a laptop, wired router and wap. It's setup in the following fashion, modem connects to the wired router via lan, main pc connects to router also via lan cable (next to each other), pc in the sitting room connects via wireless mini pci card and the wap, laptop connects via wireless pcmcia card and the wap.

The best thing to do is to get everything wired up first and start from there, post back when you've done that with your questions.

  mgmcc 12:45 20 Jul 2005

If you are plugging a "stand-alone" Wireless Access Point into one of the router's LAN ports, you will almost certainly have to disable the router's own Wireless capability or the two Wireless Access Points are going to cause a conflict.

  De Marcus 12:54 20 Jul 2005

Is it not possible to configure the two waps to use different channels? maybe?

  mgmcc 09:02 21 Jul 2005

Good point. That might just work :)

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