Can I improve microphone volume??

  [DELETED] 12:30 21 Aug 2003

I have just bought a new computer, and have had Audigy 2 Platinum upgraded on it, the sound is fantastic, but..the mic is quiet, have moved all sliders up to max.. still quiet. On the old system (four years old) with a basic sound card, had commendations on how good I sounded!. Can anyone suggest anything?

  Stuartli 13:44 21 Aug 2003

Have you also checked the basic volume control icon in the system tray (double click to open mixer).

You may also have another program using sound where the mic volume, or other settings, may have been muted or turned down.

  [DELETED] 14:14 21 Aug 2003

If you're using your old mike, it may be that it's just not suitable for your new system OR there is the possibility that it's plugged in the wrong socket.

  [DELETED] 14:20 21 Aug 2003

which OS, in winME there's a 20db 'mic boost'

control panel\sounds and multimedia\audio\sound recording\volume\advanced, then put a tick in 20db mic boost.

  [DELETED] 14:25 21 Aug 2003

same for XP too,

you may to add the 'advanced ' button, under options/advanced controls,

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