Can i have your opinion on my site please

  User-312386 00:58 27 May 2003

heres the link folks

click here

I have broadband and would also like some feedback from people with 56K modems as well as to how quick/slow the pages load

many thanks


  powerless 01:14 27 May 2003

Super fast at loading on BB.

About Me?: Well your name, age, occupation, likes, dislikes?

All Mad?: You could show some funny pictures.

Pictures: WOW! You've taken alot. What abot a caption. "This pic was taken" or whatever you feel like typing about the picture.

Faourites Sites: How about why they are your favourites?

EBOGS: Non of the links works.

The menu on the left, i think it is too BLUE. Needs to be lighther with that white background.

Also from the homepage it looks...Bear, needs more content, but not too much to make everything slow down.

My opinion anyway, i'm no expert - so don't shoot me.

  powerless 01:19 27 May 2003

bear, beer, bare :-(

  User-312386 08:12 27 May 2003

thanks mate

I know all the buttons in the EBOGS page dont work yet mate, because i havent made the pages yet

Good idea for the pictures

Homepage: does need a little more time and effort

Link bars are going to be changed, to a lighter blue tonight

  User-312386 15:45 31 May 2003

thanks a lot


  Forum Editor 17:46 31 May 2003

that you review your policy regarding site images?

Your Broxbourne zoo page contains more thumbnails than I have seen on a web page, ever. You don't say what the purpose of the site is, but I assume from the content that it's intended to be viewed solely by family and friends - in which case they might appreciate seeing a few selected images, rather than the entire contents of the camera.

Aim for quality rather than quantity.

Perhaps you'll get more comment when the site has more content? There's not a lot to go on at the moment.

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