Can I have more power plz and how?

  goose1984 20:59 02 Feb 2005

Hiya all

I have just bought a new case for my self which has blue lights on the front. These are powered by the same type of connections as you power a CDROM or a DVD player or a Hard Drive (dunno what the connection is called sorry). My PSU only has 4 of these connections and I use all of the 4 up (2 hdd's, 1 DVD, 1DVDR). At the moment if I want the lights to work I have to use one of the connections which would go to the DVD's. Is there a way of getting more connections without buying a new PSU? is there such a thing maybe as a Y splitter?

Thanks In Advance

  pete-290318 21:04 02 Feb 2005

y splitters readily available from any pc shop. I'm surprised the case didnt already have one connected to the light power lead

  pete-290318 21:05 02 Feb 2005

just thought ..... the case lead will probably have 1 socket and 1 plug so that you just connect it between any of your psu plugs ... have a closer look

  goose1984 21:07 02 Feb 2005

Ok thanks could you plz tell me what the connection is so I can go to the pc shop tomorrow and ask for one without looking stupid lol


  pete-290318 21:19 02 Feb 2005

just ask for a power supply splitter cable ... they'll know what you want. The connectors have a name but I need prompting coz I cant think what it is .... It'll come to me soon

  pete-290318 21:22 02 Feb 2005

new it would come back to me .... molex connectors ... That term very rarely gets used though

  goose1984 21:30 02 Feb 2005

OK thankyou

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