Can I get a visual notifier for e-mails in OE6/OL6

  [email protected] 10:01 24 Mar 2004

Prior to the demise of my last computer I was running Incredimail, which gave me a visual notification whenever I received a new e-mail. I found this useful when running BroadBand as I could stick my head around the door and would instantly see if I had e-mails.I now have a shiny new PC running XP and have both Outlook Express and Outlook on it.I am currently using OE 6 for my default mail whilst I "Get to grips" with Outlook.
Whilst I have found a sound notifier for e-mails I haven't found a visual one and would like one that would remain on screen until I click on it- any ideas?

  numskull 10:14 24 Mar 2004

Why don't you just install Incredimail again?
There are visual notifiers for Outlook but not Outlook Express. Try the PCA Download page, I think there are some on there for Outlook.
You can also get an Incredimail add on for Outlook.

  numskull 10:20 24 Mar 2004

Is this any good?

Email Announcer v3.0

PCA download page. Internet. E-mail.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:23 24 Mar 2004

Theres a few here some free/shareware some u need to pay for i havent used any so cant say what is best

click here


  [email protected] 11:06 24 Mar 2004

Thanks, I will check these out. I thought I wouldn't re-install incredimail as I like the e-mail design feature in OE6 which has to be paid for in IM, also trying to keep my machine "clean" from clutter!

  ventanas 12:34 24 Mar 2004

In Outlook. Tools\Options. Click the Email options button and check the box to display a notification message when new mail arrives. The message will stay on screen until you deal with it.

This is for Outlook 2002, may be somewhere else in other versions. Don't know if its in OE as I've never used it.

  [email protected] 12:53 24 Mar 2004

Don't seem able to follow your advice in either O6^ or Outlook 2003 ventanas(that box not available!)
Nunskulls links didn't work, Nickname's did but the link for the software had been moved when I tried to download it!!

  Clint2 13:11 24 Mar 2004

Try ePrompter click here

  hugh-265156 13:14 24 Mar 2004

if you have outlook express running minimized to the task bar and have it set to download mail when it arrives then the icon in the task bar turns into an envelope to show there is new mail.

if you dont like the idea downloading mail automatically and wish to preview it first then try mailwasher click here you can leave this running all the time and when mail arrives the taskbar icon will flash along with a can then preview messages on the server and decide to download or delete them etc.

  numskull 16:39 24 Mar 2004

click here

I hope the "click here" bit works this time!

  [email protected] 17:39 24 Mar 2004

Thanks Numskull it did work- bit weird though it says you need ofice xp 2002 but it doesn,t operate with XP as the operating system- what do you think?

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