Can I get a similar build for £600 max?

  jw2702 21:12 06 May 2013

I'm trying to design and build a PC for a max of £600, mainly for rendering scenes fast in Blender, a free open source 3D modelling/animation software).

My budget however is ~£600 (which I know is pushing it), but I'm trying to get the best that I can afford. It seems difficult as I'm new to the building side of things, although I'm very aware of the hardware compatibility issues, the jargon, and the cooling needs.

I've used computerplanet to quote me a desired PC, but the price is a bit too high. If you go on the website and load up the quote number "189302" you will see my desired build.

I do not need: Operating system Moniter Mouse/Keyboard Card Readers

I'd like to play some low-key games too, like Amnesia:Dark Descent with high settings, but nothing like Crysis3 of battlefield3, as I'm a console gamer mainly.

So if you could give any advice on downgrading these parts or where to order from instead etc, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:10 07 May 2013

As you have not included the prices in your quote it is difficult to suggest a comparison. Though I can say the CPU/motherboard combination is pointless as the K version of your CPU indicates that it is unlocked and can be over-clocked except that you cannot over-clock with that model of motherboard.

I would imagine that you will not be over-clocking as it is your first build.

Also your power supply is way over the top, 500W or perhaps 600W at the most is plenty.

I have managed to bring your PC specs in to around £289 by only a few tweaks. Lesser PSU, larger HDD, dropped the Arctic cooler as the stock one will be fine for the time being and this is is something you can upgrade in the future as funds become available.


  wee eddie 14:07 07 May 2013

You can probably cut £40.00 off the price by opting for the Cheapest Case available. Although, somehow, I doubt you will!

  spuds 17:14 07 May 2013

With the listing provided by Chronos the 2nd, you could perhaps save a further £40.00 or more on the power supply unit. I have changed a number of psu's from lower wattage to higher wattage, using eBay supplier's of new stock. Never once have I had a problems with the various units I have used.

If you are going to home-build, then make sure of compatibility of components and warranty terms for the components. If you try Ebuyer, then drop their sales team an email, and see if they might suggest alternatives, including bundles.

You could also look at Novatech for bare-bone units.

  jw2702 20:00 07 May 2013

Here was my method of thinking:

I first decided my budget (£600 max), and intended uses (blender). Then, I used to design a machine, as I know it automatically checks compatibility with all parts. Once I did that I scaled down the price to about £660, which I then searched for these exacts parts on where its cheaper, as I have help from an experienced friend to help me build.

I've altered the spec list slightly, allowing for a lower wattage of 600W. My question is are all power supplies generally compatible with my motherboard? And is a modular cabling system good advice if I can afford it?

Here is my updated spec list (as it now exists on SCAN. The price is fine for me, but can any be saved?):

Thanks for all the help by the way, much appreciated.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:15 08 May 2013

You have selected laptop memory so that will need to be changed.

500Gb HDD is really quite small and you really should not be looking for anything less than 1TB.

Modular is better if you want to have decent cable management and can I suggest this PSU as a better alternative to your selection.

  jw2702 13:15 08 May 2013

Thanks Chronos,

I've amended mistakes and changed parts due to recommendations, and I've come up with this. Does this look suitable? I'm 99% sure all the parts are compatible.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:07 09 May 2013

Link does not work.

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