Can I get IE7 still?

  Simsy 18:12 16 Mar 2010

I'm sorting out my cousins laptop, (an old machine, bought 2nd hand a little under a year ago). Apparently it started running real slow a while back...

I've tried all the usual stuff, and eventually uninstalled IE8, which seems to have made a great improvement. (I had the same story with my own desktop, and have stayed with IE7 on that).

The only "issue" is that it has reverted to IE6, not IE7. Presumeably it has 6 on it when he got it and it auto updated to IE8, missing out 7.

I'd like to update to IE7, but can't find a link to do so.

Any suggestions as to where to get it.

Please note that, with no snub intended to anyone, I'm not looking for advice or suggestions as to using other browsers! I'm well aware of the options!

Thanks in advance,



  MAJ 18:15 16 Mar 2010

Try here click here Simsy.

  Sea Urchin 18:20 16 Mar 2010

Or FileHippo for the latest version of IE7

click here

  Simsy 02:12 17 Mar 2010

I had a problem downloading from either of the links you provided... It kept shutting off, due, I think to a problem with the internet connection here...


Having declined the IE8 update, adn told it not to bother me again, I was then, a short while after offered IE7 as an update. That has seemed to go well so we're all OK!

Thanks very much anyway!



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