Can I get a Graphic Eqaliser to my computer sound?

  haricot 10:03 27 Jan 2010

I've got Windows Vista and Realtek sound but Realtek does not do a Graphic Equaliser as such. It lets you click-on to various presets such as Jazz,Rock, Classical etc etc none of which do anything for me to get the edge or quality that I want to hear.

Does anyone know if is there anything that I can Download , to give me a Graphic Equaliser on this so that I can control my own output.


  gengiscant 10:18 27 Jan 2010

anything here:click here

  haricot 11:00 27 Jan 2010

Many thanks Gengiscant. The Windows Media one is'nt much good I'm afraid but the other sites may come up with something. The trouble is I don't know too much about them. It would be good if someone who has dabbled in this area before,
could come up with any experience and perhaps recommend a good one.

I do in fact want to use it on my Windows Media Site where I have a lot of stuff to play but as I said, the WM Grapic Equaliser is a bit lame.

I do very much appreciate your help nonetheless.


  GaT7 11:19 27 Jan 2010

I use 4Front EQ10 click here, which isn't too bad. I'm using XP, so you may have to install it in Compatibility Mode (click here) if it doesn't work at first.

After installing, run WMP & you can access its settings by clicking on its icon in the system tray. G

  haricot 11:43 27 Jan 2010

ThHanks Crossbow7 but still abit green on this lark..which one do I donload please, the Screenshot one or one of the EQ10's.

sorry to sound like a bit of woos !

  GaT7 11:46 27 Jan 2010

Under 'Download', it has:

EQ10 plugin (1.7M)
EQ10/Winamp3 (300K)

You'll want to click on the second link, i.e. EQ10 plugin (1.7M).

Shut down WMP before installing. G

  haricot 13:25 27 Jan 2010

Thanks Crossbow 7 for coming back.

I'm having difficulties I'm afraid.

I downloaded it but cant find it anywhere except that it IS in my Control Panel. But I can't open it.

As I said,I am pretty useless on this technical stuff so I'll have to give it a miss. I tried the Compatibility Mode thingy but that confused me more than ever.

Thanks anyway. You're a good lad for trying ,I'm only sorry that I'm not up to the challenge.


  JohnWilliams 14:24 27 Jan 2010

I think the latest Realtek drivers do come with a graphic equaliser now. Try the latest one.
click here

  haricot 16:58 27 Jan 2010

I've got those in Realtek but like WMP they ar not too special.

Can I come back to Crossbow7 and ask what is the System Tray in WMP please.Sorry again to be so inexperienced on this.

  GaT7 17:05 27 Jan 2010

Sorry, when I said 'you can access its settings by clicking on its icon in the system tray', I meant the Equaliser's settings. All the 'it' & 'its' in the post referred to the Equaliser.

The System Tray is the bottom right corner that contains icons of some running programs next to the clock. G

  haricot 17:34 27 Jan 2010

Thanks for that I do appreciate it even though it is all a tad above my head.

As said earlier I think I'll leave it there.

I am grateful for your time.

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