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Can I fit a USB3 card in my PC

  RegScriv 21:49 05 Nov 2014

I have a 4 year old Dell Vostro 430 and I'm wondering whether I could fit a USB3 card in it. It has a Dell 0D735T motherboard. Don't think it helps the issue but It has an Core i7 processor & 12Gb of memory.

I'm just in the process of buying a 3Tb ext hd which is coming equipped with a USB3 connection. I believe USB3 is backward compatible so will run on my USB2 system with the right cable but it would be nice to use its full potential.

Can anyone advise please

  daxian 00:05 06 Nov 2014

hi .... yes if you have a pci express slot (short one)....there are cards available !!!

  RegScriv 09:14 06 Nov 2014

Thanks daxian. I do have a short pci express slot. Do you know whether there's an additional cable that needs to be fitted or is it simply a plug-in.

  spuds 10:23 06 Nov 2014

It should plug-in, but bear in mind that fitting a USB3 might not provide USB3 on an old machine.

  RegScriv 10:29 06 Nov 2014

Thanks spuds. Hopefully from a PCI E slot it should give me USB3 performance. Looking at the card I'm buying it needs to be connected to a power cable. I have a spare power cable which is a has around 10 connectors on it. The card comes with adaptor cables which look as if they'll do the job. Wish me luck.

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