Can I fit a second hard drive

  wobblymike 08:23 28 Jun 2003

Can someone please advise me.
I have an Elonex P166 system bought as a firstsystem for my son. Its HDD is very small (1.2GB) and is fitted to the IDE 1 connection. I have fitted a CD ROM drive to the IDE 2 connection. Can I fit a second hard drive to the system? the theory would be that the original drive would handle toe OS and applications as it is now (its nearly full) and the second drive would store data photos et. If this can be done how do I connect it up? Many thanks

  Forum Editor 08:31 28 Jun 2003

you can certainly fit a second drive.

1. Make sure that the jumper on the back of the drive is set to the slave position.

2. Connect the drive to the same ribbon cable as the master drive - the primary IDE cable.

3. Make sure you've connected a power lead to the new drive.

Boot the computer and watch for the drive to be recognised in the BIOS as the startup routine runs. When Windows has finished loading, check that a drive letter has been assigned to your new drive. If this doesn't happen you may need to reboot and enter the BIOS (press the delete key as the computer starts) to get the drive recognised. If you need help with that aspect of things come back to this thread.

  wobblymike 08:41 28 Jun 2003


Thank you very much

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