can i find a deleted conversation?

  carlinglover 16:08 01 Apr 2004

i had a conversation in yahoo messenger and deleted it by mistake and have since cleaned my system with norton system works.. its no longer in archive so is there a way i can find it on my hard drive or where ever it will be??? any help will be a life saver ..
ps idiots terms pls i am not that bright with pcs lol

  jim1947 16:19 01 Apr 2004

If you have the Norton Protected Recyle Bin in operation, it's possible that you can recover it from there. Right click the recycle bin on your desktop, choose the "Unerase Wizard" and if you can locate your file you can recover it.

  carlinglover 16:23 01 Apr 2004

i looked in unerase wizard and no files are named for me to select... if the police can access deleted files im sure we can so hopefully we can find a way... ty for your help anyway

If you are refering to the police conducting forensic investigations on computers to find shadows on the magnetic platters, thats kind of out of your scope im guessing.

Maybe there is a commercially available product to retrieve material, such as a full msn converstion in detail. Though i would not hold my breath.

Maybe your partner used an eraser programme, not of course that im suggesting its not your conversation you are looking for.

  carlinglover 16:32 01 Apr 2004

thats what i meant was they could access and you are right its out of my range....
it was a joint conversation with a friend but we need to retrieve it but i guess its lost... ty for you input and advice anyway

  Chronos 16:34 01 Apr 2004

this is one of the things where progs like go-back come into their own, where you can go back two or three weeks.....not that it helps you now


  carlinglover 16:37 01 Apr 2004

ty i will look out for that programm so i dont have this problem again... ty anyway chronos

  VoG II 16:42 01 Apr 2004

You could try click here

  GroupFC 17:03 01 Apr 2004

I am not sure if these would work but you could try
click here or click here

  GroupFC 17:06 01 Apr 2004

Or even this click here

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