Can I find the COA code within my laptop

  dazzlewick 18:13 25 Jun 2011

The COA code has rubbed off from the label on the bottom of my laptop. Can I find the number somewhere within the laptop so that I can make a note of it before something happens where I will need it. Thanks in advance! D

  rdave13 18:14 25 Jun 2011

No as it is an OEM version.

  dazzlewick 18:17 25 Jun 2011


  rdave13 18:41 25 Jun 2011

Sorry to disappoint but I've tried SIW, Bellark, Key finder and others. They all fail to find the OEM key but work OK with retail.

  Strawballs 18:47 25 Jun 2011

That seems to be a big problem with laptops they should put them under the battery!!!

  Peter 10:48 26 Jun 2011


As it would appear from the previous answers to your question that it is not possible to locate your COA within Windows, it might be best to take regular Images of your whole hard drive with Acronis Disk Image or a similar programme. This would enable you to restore your Operating System, programmes and data files, to the same state as when the backup was taken, in the case of a hard drive failure. Several generations of Image, 2 or 3, would be a good idea, stored on an external hard drive.


  robin_x 11:16 26 Jun 2011

To be sure, make a set of Recovery DVDs and a Startup/Repair CD/DVD.

Make .iso files of the discs using, say, Imgburn. Save those to Main drive.

Since you will of course be sensible and make Acronis/Macrium/Easeus Todo images as well, you will then have Recovery DVDs in 3 places to get back to Factory condition.

They only work with your specific laptop and do not ask for the COA key.

Some users report being asked to re-enter license key during lifetime of their laptops. In that case, telephone Microsoft Support/Helpline and they can issue another key in genuine cases.

  Taff™ 11:55 26 Jun 2011

I'm sorry to contradict, unless I misunderstand something. Belarc Advisor will recover the COA key quite easily. As a matter of course whenever I work on a laptop I use Belarc to give me a snapshot of all programs and the hardware I`m working with. Belarc Advisor Website

The code is listed along with the other keys for MS Office etc about half way down the report under Manage All your software licences .....

  spuds 12:24 26 Jun 2011
  gengiscant 12:29 26 Jun 2011

I use ProduKey, ProduKey which will find a key even from an external hard-drive if it has an operating system on it. Excellent bit of software.

  Taff™ 12:30 26 Jun 2011

Strawballs - they should remind people that you shouldn't use laptops on your lap ;o)

For obvious reasons: The ventilation intakes are invariably on the underside of the laptop. On your lap these are covered and restrict air flow causing the fans to work overtime and ultimately straining the CPU which overheats. Also you lose the COA Key!

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