Can i the ebay site from being viewed- nosey kids.

  grabster 17:40 02 Nov 2004

Having done my xmas shopping early on ebay i was somewhat dissapointed to realise that anyone can search for your user id and bring up a list of all transactions.
The thing is my son is nosey and loves searching ebay for mad stuff,its only a matter of time before he stumbles across the search options and hey presto...xmas is spoilt for him. is there a handy way to block access to this site ?

  grabster 17:42 02 Nov 2004

Whoops... supposed to read STOP from being viewed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 02 Nov 2004

An easy way to remove the search options is to type 'a' into the search box and a list of all items searched for appears under the box. Just point at each search and it will highlight...then hit delete. It takes a bit to go through the alphabet but once done it is easy to clear after each session.


  grabster 17:07 03 Nov 2004

Hi GANDALF <|:-)> , i cant get my head round your suggestion. maybe i should have worded my original post differently.

What i hope to do is either block the site for other users in our house or stop my ebay id from showing items i have bought when someone uses the search for id option from within ebay.

  mackaycc 17:16 03 Nov 2004

To block access to certain web site you could use Content Advisor to name the sites which you wish to block. The following should help you:

click here

  JayDay 17:38 03 Nov 2004

I think what grabster is saying is that his son knows his ebay user ID he can therefore search the user ID and discover what dad has got him for Xmas.

Without blocking his access to eBay completely I don't know what you can do.

A lesson here for all of us with kids.


a) Don't give your User ID to your kids.
b) Use a different User ID for Xmas shopping.

  JayDay 17:47 03 Nov 2004

How about changing your User ID?

  grabster 19:23 03 Nov 2004

Yep,JayDay hit the nail on the head.
I thought about changing user id but ebay still shows previous id's.

  CLONNEN 20:42 03 Nov 2004

How about blocking the Ebay site using the Hosts file.

Go to your hard drive and open up the Windows\system32\drivers\etc folder.

You should see a file called Hosts which doesn't have an extension.

Right-click on it and select Notepad

Scroll down to the bottom and add the following line click here click here

Click on the "X" in the top right of the Notepad screen and select Yes when it asks if you want to save changes.

This should block access to both the US and UK ebay sites.

If you need to access the Ebay site yourself just remove the lines from the Hosts file.

I'm pretty sure your son won't know about the Hosts file.

  CLONNEN 20:57 03 Nov 2004

Sorry the ebay web addresses are showing as Click Here - hopefully you realise that they are meant to say ebay. co . com and ebay. co. uk

Incidentally rather than adding and deleting the lines you could make a copy of the original Hosts file and call it Hosts2.bak and then add the lines to block access to Ebay to the original Hosts file.

When you want access to Ebay you could rename the Hosts file to Hosts1.bak and then rename the Hosts2.bak to Hosts. Then log onto Ebay as normal. Just remember to swap them back after you have finished.

It's a bit of a nuisance having to remember to keep swapping the Hosts files around but as long as you can keep track of which one is which by using number 2 as the original and number 1 as the blocked version - it's quite simple once you get the hang of it.

All your son will see if he tries to access ebay pages with the altered Hosts file in place will be a message telling him that the website can't be accessed at the moment. He'll just think it's down for maintenance or something.

  GaT7 21:13 03 Nov 2004

"I thought about changing user id but ebay still shows previous id's."

Not true in this case - they still cannot find you if they don't know your NEW user ID.

For example: whizkid76 (actual user ID) is someone I bought from sometime ago. They've changed their user ID to something else. If you do a search for whizkid76 on Ebay's 'search for seller' page -
click here, it comes up with this: "The seller User ID you entered was not found" - click here.

Just to be absolutely sure, I tried it with 2 more sellers who changed their user IDs & the result was the same.

If CLONNEN's method seems too daunting or you'd rather not go thro' the hassle each time, change your user ID & don't tell them the new one & you'll be fine.

Also, remember if they access Ebay from another PC, changing your user ID will still prevent them from finding you, but CLONNEN's method will not (with all due respect). JayDay HAS hit the nail on the head : ) G

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