Can I download texts from sony ericsson w910i

  ened 16:20 31 Oct 2011

A friend of mine lost her husband in the summer.

She wants to keep the texts which are on his phone.

Is there a way she can get them off and onto her computer?

It is a camera phone and the pics can be downloaded but she can't see how to get anything else off.

Much appreciated if anyone knows because they mean a lot to her.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 31 Oct 2011
  beeuuem 20:34 31 Oct 2011

Sony- Ericsson mobiles can use Float's Mobile Agent from click here which allows all data to be saved from the 'phone directly to the PC.

  ened 06:04 01 Nov 2011

Thanks for these replies.

beeuuem I found Floats after you mentioned it, but, just for your info, your link leads to a BBC news story about St Paul's.

However looking at both your answers it seems to be just what she needs.

  Picklefactory 12:53 01 Nov 2011

Or another alternative is 'My Phone Explorer' I have used for years. It is free and very good. It connects any Sony Erickson or android phone to your PC via USB, WIFI or bluetooth and you can back up everything (Texts, images etc). It does much more than that, but would certainly suit your needs.

Click Here

  Picklefactory 12:55 01 Nov 2011

Oops... I may be incorrect regarding Wifi and SE phones, not sure. Definitely USB or bluetooth are fine, but can't remember if Wifi is Android only.

  beeuuem 19:09 01 Nov 2011

ened I do apologise for giving an incorrect link, I'm not sure how that happened - however I'm pleased that, despite that, you found FMA. I find it a very useful tool.

  ened 06:33 03 Nov 2011

Thanks Picklefactory

beeuuem Easily done

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