Can I download a program that erases all history and bookmarks when I turn off my computer?

  Triprajul 06:24 26 Dec 2013


On my laptop, I have Windows XP and on my desktop, I have Windows Vista. When I turn off my computer, I want all history, all bookmarks, essentially everything, erased. Can I download a program that can do this for me or can I do it via the operating systems listed above. Any information given is greatly appreciated.

  john bunyan 09:29 26 Dec 2013

Yes. Free CCleaner See: CCleaner

I use default settings but you can, I think, set it to do what you want. Hopefully "Fruitbat" will give more details as he is the guru!

  onthelimit1 09:32 26 Dec 2013

CCleaner has an option to do this every time the computer STARTS. Go to Options Settings to tick the box. there is also the facility to include additional folders in Options Include.

  Batch 12:01 26 Dec 2013

Internet Exlorer:

Go to: Tools, Internet Options, General tab. Under Browsing History select "Delete browsing History on exit". You may want to adjust what is deleted by clicking on the "Delete..." button.


Install the Click&Clean extension and set up the Clear Private Data to be on the High setting and selesct Delete private data when Chrome closes. I guess you will also want to set "Obliterate the following items from" to be "the begining of time"

  Batch 12:03 26 Dec 2013

Maybe too much turkey - I see you were asking about when PC closes!

  spuds 12:19 26 Dec 2013

I think I understand what you are asking, but bear in mind that what's on an hard-drive can be regained, if you have the expertise to gain access to the hard-drive. So in otherwise "essentially everything,erased" might not happen.

If this is what you are seeking, then there are programmes out there that might help, including CCleaner, but they cannot be 100%.

  Batch 13:28 26 Dec 2013

I suppose it is theoretical possible to set up a batch file to run something like Ccleaner to clear out all the history and then run something that securely wipes all the free space.

Ccleaner can be run (for its normal saved cleanup) from a batch file. I.e.:

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /auto

But, AFAIK, Ccleaner does not support a command line capability to run its own Drive Wiper, so one would need to find something else.

Then one would need to have a trigger to run the batch file at shutdown - not sure if Windows supports this. Not least because Windows may not hang around long enough for the process to complete (for example, the default Windows WaitToKillService timeout (used on Shutdown) is 12 seconds).

Better to run at next boot time, albeit with the risk that someone could separately remove and examine the disk.

  Batch 13:30 26 Dec 2013

But, of course, the alternative is to get the batch file to run shutdown after it has run Ccleaner and the drive wipe.

Google for: running shutdown from a batch file

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