Can i do a fresh install with self made recovery dvd??

  ringo83 22:44 16 Sep 2011

Hi, i want to upgrade my hard drive, the only thing is i have made a recovery cd by using the packard bell master dvd creator. Does anybody know if i can use this for a fresh install on a new hard drive or is it just for recovery/restore purposes only. The os is windows xp home media centre edition 2005? any advice would be apprieciated. Thanks.

  ringo83 22:45 16 Sep 2011

I ment a recovery DVD. not cd. Soz.

  rdave13 22:51 16 Sep 2011

You should be able to do it. Make sure you have the windows key at hand in case it won't verify. Check the COA sticker on the PC before you start.

  ringo83 13:30 17 Sep 2011

Thanks for the reply. Il try it anyway thanks.

  onthelimit1 15:38 17 Sep 2011

I think you'd do better to use the existing HDD makers cloning tool. This will enable you to transfer everything from the existing one to the new one. Check the make then check their website. All you need to do is add the new one as a slave, clone the old to new then replace the old for new (making it the master). This is assuming IDE HDD. If you need more advice, come back with the make and model of existing drive.

  ringo83 19:19 17 Sep 2011

Hi, thanks for your reply, the reason im changing the hard drive is because im getting rid of my computer and want to sell it but not with all my personal details on the drive so i dont really want to clone the drive if you get me?

I put a new drive in and tried the master dvd i created but it wouldnt do it, I think it may have something to do with it being oem software, maybe it detects the change of hardware?

any help please.

  onthelimit1 12:00 18 Sep 2011

Easiest thing then is to borrow an XP CD or buy one for a tenner or so from ebay. As long as you have the original COA sticker, and the CD is the same version of XP as the original, you should be OK.

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