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Can I do anything to improve connection?

  Daisy22 21:23 05 Feb 2010

I have a PC connected to internet via ethernet, and 2 WiFi laptops.

The connection on all 3 is somewhat unstable, but is definitely worse on the laptops, especially in the evenings. The main message IE cannot display the webpage keeps coming up and it is so annoying. It's causing a terrible Skype connection amongst other things. Both laptops are Vista but the main PC with ethernet is XP.

My main concern are the laptops. Is there anything I can do to try and get a more reliable connection?

  Daisy22 11:46 06 Feb 2010

It's new since we moved a few metres into a new house, the telephone line was lengthened and the unstable connection has been ever since.

We live in a rural area in France and our ISP is Orange. They've asked me to do a DSL test but half the time it's no good because I can't get that site up.

  Diemmess 12:15 06 Feb 2010

"the telephone line was lengthened and the unstable connection has been ever since."

This implies either a partial signal loss, or interference picked up on the new work.
Is it possible to have it checked by whoever lengthened the line?

  Daisy22 10:46 07 Feb 2010

Yes I've tried phoning Orange, they say they can't see anything wrong with the signal so the problem must be to do with the computers! They're not much help TBH.

Another thought is that we have an unstable electrical connection (until Weds), the power keeps surging up and down, we can see lights brighten and then dim and this goes on all the time. Could this have anything to do with the internet strength?

  Daisy22 20:18 10 Feb 2010

I've been monitoring things for a couple of days and have found that on one laptop, there is a good connection/speed etc. as long as the other laptop is not actually on.

Is there anything to adjust in order for both WIFI's to work at the same time?

  Daisy22 20:24 10 Feb 2010

Just had a thought, any recommendations on surge protectors please? I thought the one I had was a surge protector, but in fact each time the electricity suddenly cuts off so does the PC which isn't WiFi. I have already had problems with the hard drive I believe, because of this electrical problem.

  Terry Brown 20:28 10 Feb 2010

If you are connecting all 3 via a router,it could be that the signal strength is not high enough to feed all computers at the same time.
This info may help.
click here
or maybe this
click here
or you may find something on this page to help.
click here

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