Can I do this ...with Acronis True Image 2009 and Vista?

  sydsnott 18:30 19 May 2014

Early April, I embarked on a voyage of discovery! My data partition was filling up but there was free space tantalisingly just out of reach!

Someone advised me to "Move my Blue "Shell" Videos folder from it's natural home to the free space and all would be tiudied up and linked to by Windows!.....That must rate amongst such lies as "A finger of Fudge is just enough" and other such well known untruths which can't be published here!

Needless to say nothing was linked, no software could find it's required files...and the blue folder just vanished into the ether!

6 weeks on, I've re-created the Shell folder, back on it's home turf, but still haven't got round to liberating that free space!

Meanwhile, Apple decided to have a go at knobbling my OS, I insdtalled the latest update from iTunes and within a minute of me closing the programme I received a message from Windows via "WerFault.exe" saying:- "To help protect your computer Data Execution Prevention has closed iTunes!" This happens quite a lot...sometimes when iTunes hasn't even shown it's face! ...but it gets better...regular BSOD's saying iTunes is corrupted. I took iTunes down piece by piece and did a clean install, all without incident, but the WerRabbit continues to warn but the BSOD's are now pointing the finger "generally" at a possible software corruption. The latest problem messages tell me that a dynamic link library, I think it was called "Run.dll2" has stopped working....Windows then trotts off to discover the cause and reports back that my Graphics card needs updating! Half an hour later, it tells me it's found a suitable driver, but encountered problems installing it, so it timed out!

That's the background.... Since I have a viable (according to True Image's own validation) full image of my HDD. I don't want to risk restoring the image to my installed Disk, in case there is a BSOD part way through Making what's letf of my OS history! Since I don't have a large enough spare drive, I would like to restore the "C:" partition (just the OS) to an empty 250GB external drive. So that what ever happens, I will still have a bootable copy of Vista to work with. Now the question:

Can I restore just one partition, from an external a different external drive, and make it bootable?

Essentially just using my PC as the go-between.

I have tried and after two hours with a further one hour and seven monutes to go....Acronis became unresponsive and I had to do a hard shutdown.

It had written 55GB to the empty disk, so it was just over half way there. I just don't know if the problem was my ailing system, or if I was trying to do the impossible.

Sorry it's so long, but I needed to document the continuing decay with which I'm attempting to work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:36 19 May 2014

what image do you have?

is it an image of both c: drive and a data drive contained in the same image?

  sydsnott 19:55 19 May 2014

Hi FruitBat my image is of the whole HDD, 500GB in 4 partitions. I know that True Image has many "builds" and they all have different interfaces, so I've taken screenshots (7), of each step I took in my attempted restore of "C:" and have annotated them if could maybe upload them's a .zip folder 689Kb.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 19 May 2014

I don't think you can restore part of an image

you could restore the whole image to a bigger drive --- not part of the image to a smaller drive

  sydsnott 21:11 19 May 2014

Like I said, The options were there in the True Image interface and it got two hours in and wrote 55GB of the "C:" drive image, to the new drive. I don't think it would have offered me the chance to select which bits of the image it restored if that wasn't possible. I can't imagine that the size of the drive was a factor since it was writing a partition smaller than 100GB to a drive with a capacity of 250GB.

I was just hoping that someone might have experience of doing this using this specific TI build.

The screen shots really tell the story!

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