Can I delete these files?

  johnincrete 17:06 12 Dec 2013

When running a Malwarebytes scan on my daughter's computer, the normal very fast turnover of files was interupted by files in the folder WINDOWS S1\Installer with extensions .msp and .msl and it took several seconds with each file. Can I delete these files?

It is running Windows XP S3

  iscanut 17:36 12 Dec 2013

Why would you want to delete them ? I think they are needed when installing software.

  Batch 18:21 12 Dec 2013

I would not delete them.

MSI = Microsoft Installer

MSP = Microsoft Installer Patch

They may never be used again, never know.

I found some time ago that MalwareBytes suddenly became very very slow at scanning my media files (.wma and .mp3) on XP. Never worked out why. Maybe something similar has happened for these files types.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 12 Dec 2013

Yes they are no really needed unless reinstalling a program if corrupted they can cause problems I use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

  Batch 09:03 13 Dec 2013

FB - that's interesting - never seen that b4.

But I note it says "You'll see that after you run the CleanUp tool, the application will no longer appear in Add/Remove Programs. Therefore, if you ultimately want to remove the application, you must reinstall it first. "

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:37 13 Dec 2013

Add Remove looks at the msi to find out where the uninstaller file is located (ms products only). Usually this is in the same folder as he program of even accessible from the Start Menu.

So just because its no longer seen in Add Remove as long as you can find the uninstaller file its still removable without reinstalling.

CCleaner has a removal system that works similar to Add Remove - it looks for the uninstall program and runs it.

I have removed several programs this way after using Installer clean up due to corrupt installer files.

  iscanut 11:23 13 Dec 2013

The Windows Installer CleanUp Utility has saved me from problems with installers on several occasions in the past. A very useful little utility.

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