Can I delete startup password?

  The Earl Of Sabden 09:39 26 Sep 2004

Hello, can anyone help?

Using XP Home, I have restored my system back a few months but now on startup its asking for the password which I have forgotten..

Can i over-ride this in BIOS if so how do I access BIOS when the PC starts up.

Thankyou.... EOS.

  shadowcatcher 09:54 26 Sep 2004

It sounds like your XP password your are looking for but if it is the bios password your motherbaord should have a jumper to reset the bios settings. Usually near the battery.

If it is XPs password try a program on PC Advisor November 2004 DVD called Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. Which allows you to cahnge the password.

  Graham ® 09:58 26 Sep 2004

If you leave the password box blank and just press OK you may log in.

  Retired Lemon 10:12 26 Sep 2004

If it is the Windows password try Start/Find/Files and look for *.pwl If a file like that is found either delete it, rename it or move it from the Windows folder.
The next time you boot up and are asked for a password leave it empty and the system should not ask for a password again. This works for Windows 98 and ME so it may work for XP.

  bremner 10:18 26 Sep 2004

In XP the passwords are held in the SAM file not as a .pwl as in W9x

  Retired Lemon 10:23 26 Sep 2004

Thanks, noted for future.

  User-312386 10:34 26 Sep 2004

click on start>run and then type

Control userpasswords2

now untick the box that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"

  The Earl Of Sabden 13:33 26 Sep 2004

thanks guys, but I cant access the start button untill i input the password..... can i delete the password function in the BIOS.... if so what do i press before startup to access the BIOS...Thanks... EOS.

  bremner 13:40 26 Sep 2004

If you are talking about the Windows password - which you must be as the BIOS password can not be affected by System Restore - then there is nothing that can be done in the BIOS.

If you never entered an Administrator Password you could log on as Administartor and change your user password there.

On boot up press F8 and choose Safe Mode.

This will take you to your Welcome screen with the addition of 'administrator'

Just double click on this icon and if no password was assigned you will be able to get in.

Then go to Control panel / Users and change your password.

  The Earl Of Sabden 13:46 26 Sep 2004

Yea its the windows password i'm talking about..... I've restored the system back a few months..... Now its asking for the password i set up there, CANT remember it..... If i go to safe mode and Administrator dont i need the old password to change to a new one? Thanks... EOS.

  bremner 13:48 26 Sep 2004

No not as Administrator

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