Can I delete an email before it downloads into OE?

  DIYgirl 13:21 28 Apr 2005

I've been sent a ridiculously large spam email which is taking so long to download into my inbox that my dial-up connection times out before the email is finished. It's blocking all other new mail from my inbox as a result, and I need to get rid of it.

Is there a freeware program which will allow me to delete this email before it downloads into OE? Or some web-based thing that will let me do this?


  march 13:26 28 Apr 2005

try mailwasher

click here

  Rigga 13:28 28 Apr 2005

Most ISP's give you some sort of web access to your email.

Who do you use for your ISP?
Maybe visit their web site, and look for a web mail kind of thing.

Hopefully if you can see the email from the web browser you should be able to delete it without opening or downloading it.


  march 13:33 28 Apr 2005


you can download the free version from

click here

  vinnyT 13:42 28 Apr 2005

I use PopTray (free), from

click here

Here's the blurb;

PopTray started as a little POP3 mail checker I wrote, because I couldn't find a freeware program that had all the features I wanted. Since then, new features have been added by request. After years of refinement PopTray 3.0 has now become a full-featured, customizable, e-mail notifier, but keeping it's ease of use.

Hope this helps, I've got a client who sends me jokes by the bucket load, with this I don't have to waste my time waiting for them to download (on dialup) just delete the lot from the server.

  961 14:35 28 Apr 2005

The way to do this easily is to go to the ISP web site and log in to your email account from there. Then you can just delete the thing

For the long term, mailwasher is a good way to go, with the free version working quite well once it has learned who your friends are and who you want to blacklist.

  bretsky 14:53 28 Apr 2005

When I had a dial up connection, I had to go to click here and log on there to delete a 6.5Mb attachment because Freeserve{now W/Doo} would only delete mail attachments up to 5Mbs at their website, don't have that problem anymore now that I'm on B/B.

Urge you to get mailwasher, had the free version for a couple of years now, a god send!

bretsky ;0)

  HeddaLora 19:28 28 Apr 2005

If you can't log on using your ISP's webmail, then you can use

  p;3 20:25 28 Apr 2005

you should be able to find the mail on the server; what ISP do you use and what address would you log into to get to your mail?

I check my server always to see what is there , plus I have mailwasher, and have recently started using OE;if there is something on server that I do not want I can either delete it direct from server or use mailwasher to do it;

I am finding it a bit incredible that you are seemingly willingly downloading a spam mail to your pc, especially via a slow dial-up ; and lord knows what is attached to it bugs-wise; log into your server and chuck it out direct from there; do you know how to do that?:)

then get the mailwasher

  Dennis1 08:42 30 Apr 2005

I use here
supports pop3-hotmail-gmail-netscape-yahoo.

  DIYgirl 09:16 30 Apr 2005

The problem actually arose on my husband's office computer, and arose from a huge email-shot sent out by someone who got hold of a copy of the Chamber of Commerce's members' email list. My husband has received about 400 emails as a result: the first 300 or so from the spammer, the rest from other disgruntled recipients who hit the "reply all" button (thanks for that, by the way, if any of you are reading this--can you imagine how much worse that made the situation?).

Thanks to you all, I've now managed to delete all the messages direct on Wanadoo's site, without downloading the messages onto the office computer. I've had to reinstall all the email accounts, as they all got corrupted (long story involving computer ineptitude).

The company responsible for sending out the messages has paid for a phone-line to help affected businesses: but that's doing little to help as the Chamber of Commerce alerted everyone to it by email, and I know of at least 15 companies who have had their email accounts completely frozen by the original stack of messages, so they won't know of the service.

The only consolation is the effect that this has had on the offending company: protesting recipients of the spam messages clogged up their email accounts, their phone lines, their fax lines, and arrived at their doors demanding that they resolve the situation. Eventually they had to close down for three days, until everyone calmed down. So they've lost out too.

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