Can I create XP recovery Disk

  Juni 13:22 09 Jul 2004

I am currently using a computer with XP already installed. The original computer administrator has lost (or stolen original XP disks) can I create recovery disk and if so how? Also how can I install Microsoft backup without the original disk. Can I download? (When I looked for Backup facility under system tools it's not there). I am a relatively new computer user. please can someone advise....

  Diodorus Siculus 13:46 09 Jul 2004

Create a ghost image of the OS as it is now; that seems to be your best option. click here for details of Ghost. Drive Image is a similar program.

I doubt that you can install MS Backup without the CD.

In the long run, you will be best buying a CD.

  Stuartli 15:42 09 Jul 2004

XP Pro has Backup and Restore features installed - Home requires that you install NTBACKUP.MSI from My Computer>Browse and then look in \valueadd\msft\ntbackup. Double click the file to install it.

  Juni 17:31 10 Jul 2004

Sincere thanks to all who responded to my thread. Thank you for you offering personal assistance TommyRed, but to be honest, all this is too technical for me, and I'm afraid of messing up the whole system, and at present all is working O.K. As the saying goes if it ain't broke..........

  MIke 17:41 10 Jul 2004

If you want a free backup utility which in my opinion is much easier to use than the microsoft version try this one
click here

I've been using the freeware version with no problems and you can schedule incremental file backups as well, so you don't forget!


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