Can I create XP recovery Disk

  Juni 13:22 09 Jul 2004

I am currently using a computer with XP already installed. The original computer administrator has lost (or stolen original XP disks) can I create recovery disk and if so how? Also how can I install Microsoft backup without the original disk. Can I download? (When I looked for Backup facility under system tools it's not there). I am a relatively new computer user. please can someone advise....

  Diodorus Siculus 13:46 09 Jul 2004

Create a ghost image of the OS as it is now; that seems to be your best option. click here for details of Ghost. Drive Image is a similar program.

I doubt that you can install MS Backup without the CD.

In the long run, you will be best buying a CD.

  TomJerry 14:04 09 Jul 2004

Something may be work out with them.

I think a PC guru can make a Installation CD, but follow Diodorus Siculus's suggestion if you do not know any PV guru.

  TommyRed 14:13 09 Jul 2004

I made one a couple of month's back and it wasn't easy, as Diodorus Siculus says a ghost Image from Norton Ghost, Drive Image or True Image should suffice and is a lot easier. I've included my thread which was posted here which may help you decide if you want the hassle. Navigate through all the 'click here's to get the full picture. HTH TR

  Djohn 14:20 09 Jul 2004

from the files on your hard drive if the full installation is there in the first place or on a hidden partition.

There was a thread running on this a while back explaining the procedure of compiling a full XP disk from the hidden partition of a pre-installed operating system.

If I can find the thread I will link it for you or maybe someone else has memory of it. The important thing to do first is locate your Product key and write this down as you will need it for the install.

You will need to download this program and run it to find the product key of your current install.

  Djohn 14:21 09 Jul 2004
  TomJerry 14:27 09 Jul 2004

great Djohn.

  TommyRed 14:31 09 Jul 2004

Sorry forgot to post link click here This may have been the thread to which Djohn refers. HTH TR

  cga 14:43 09 Jul 2004

This is a real interesting one because, even when you do have the original CD, after the upgrade reinstall (if it comes to that) you then have to reapply the SP1 cd and all subsequent service. A real pain. Norton Ghost is good but there are occasions when it cant help you (I had one recently).
It would be nice to build a new install CD with all current service - I guess I should stop looking out the window for the flying pigs.

  Djohn 14:59 09 Jul 2004

That is one of the threads but the main one with full instructions on how to make a full copy of your O/S to CD is the one I can't find at the moment. I remember that both Tarran and spikeychris contributed to it with full details.

As a side issue, while looking for the thread I found one from last year in which FE had been in contact with Microsoft to confirm that it is in order for you to do this. Microsoft have no problems with you making a copy CD from an O/S that is installed on your system as long as it is for your own use.

If the original install is a retail version then you can use the CD to install to a new PC after removing from the current one. If the original install is an OEM version then the CD should only be used for installing to the PC it came with.

Hope this is of some help to you Juni.

  Djohn 15:05 09 Jul 2004

If you have an XP CD without SP1 already on it you can burn a new CD of XP with SP1 files slipstreamed into it also with current updates as well.

When you need to install your O/S again for any reason, just insert the 1 CD that has been created with the slipstream. Powerless is the person to talk to on this and has made a tutorial on how to do it.

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