Can I create an image of C drive

  emmandelo1 22:28 24 Oct 2004

The other day I had to completely reinstall Win XP on my computer. Not too bad a problem as having followed all the advice on here I had backed up everything important. It still took some time though to reinstall some of my apps and re-estblish links with the registry etc.. My question is this. Now I have the machine running nicely is there any way I can copy the whole of C drive onto another drive. Then, if I have to reinstall windows again in the future is there some way I could then copy the saved C drive back onto C drive overwriting the new installation and reverting back to the original.

  powerless 22:31 24 Oct 2004

Yes I use Drive Image 7 but that is no longer available.

But Norton Ghost 9 and Acronis True Image is something you should look at.

  LastChip 22:32 24 Oct 2004

Drive Image or Norton Ghost are probably the most popular programs for creating a drive image.

  emmandelo1 22:35 24 Oct 2004

Thanks. I have Drive Image 2002 but have never installed it. Is it really as simple as I made out in my original question?

  lucky1 22:40 24 Oct 2004

I too use Drive Image 7. Is there a new version out, or have they done away with it altogether?

  emmandelo1 22:44 24 Oct 2004

I have dug through this pile of CD's I have here and it's Drive Image 6 that I have. I assume this will do what I want.

  Rtus 22:47 24 Oct 2004

install it . Ive used it on various systems its never let me down yet . you may have the windows unsupported drive issue ,but creating the rescue discs usually solves that.

  Rtus 22:51 24 Oct 2004
  emmandelo1 22:54 24 Oct 2004

As usual a quick and positive response to my question. What would I do without this place....
I will go ahead and install it. Cheers..

  CurlyWhirly 00:49 25 Oct 2004

I too use Drive Image 7. Is there a new version out, or have they done away with it altogether?

click here
Symantec have bought out Powerquest on December 5th 2003.
It is however still supported and the latest patch is available at click here but as it is over 50 mb in length it will take a while on dial-up!

  powerless 01:19 25 Oct 2004

Drive Image 7 has been discontinued but it's technology has been put into Norton Ghost 9 and they've added a few things as well to it.

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