Can I copy Office 2003 to my childrens PC?

  [DELETED] 23:06 07 Mar 2006

My children have my old PC which is running on XP with Office but NOT 2003. They are now learning at school on 2003 using all the microsoft office programmes, word, excell, power point, etc etc. My new PC runs on 2003. Can I remove the exisiting office from their pc and install a copy of mine. Can I copy mine onto disk to reinstal it? There are 3 PC's in the house, all linked to the same router for internet. I guess (but am not entirely sure) that there may be someway through home networking that will enable programmes running on my PC to be shared by them. Really not at all sure how this can be done and as I am not very computer literate I would need to ask assistance of someone who has a lot of patience! Thanking you in advance. Stressed Mum!!

  Diodorus Siculus 23:10 07 Mar 2006

IF you have the student / teacher version of Office 2003, then it can go onto three PCs.

You seem to qualify for it - having children in school is more than enough.

If your copy is not STV then you will not be able to activate it I believe.

  [DELETED] 23:12 07 Mar 2006

Thanks! I really do not believe I have the STV version. I wouldn't have even thought of requesting it when I put the spec. in for my new one.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:16 07 Mar 2006

Another thought - if you have had your version for a while, it may be the one that allows you to install on two machines.

The problem with that is that it is meant to be used only by one PC at a time.

You could always remove it from your machine and install on the children's one. Then install their version on yours. I'd be surprised if there is any feature on it that you need that is not available on OpenOffice.

  Forum Editor 23:39 07 Mar 2006

you are technically allowed to install it on one PC and one laptop. I very much doubt that Microsoft would send the boys round if you bent the rule and installed it on your childrens' computer, but please understand I'm not recommending it - according to the terms of the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) you mustn't do it.

The best solution is to buy the STV version - budget permitting.

  [DELETED] 06:28 08 Mar 2006

If you go the using-your-copy route, be aware that you cannot copy the program from your computer to install on another - that just doesn't work. You must install from CD(s)

  [DELETED] 07:44 08 Mar 2006

Thank you - my new pc arrived with the 2003 version already installed - so no disc. The children's pc has the 2000 version already installed - so again no disc. So I guess in order to install it on the childrens pc I would have to copy the 2003 version onto disc - can that be done? I get the impression that this is not something that microsoft would agree to? Buying the ST version now would certainly break the budget and removing it from mine to put on theirs - and their on mine wouldn't work either as again I would have to copy onto discs to do it. The children have my old pc becuase I needed a new one - so I am not swapping over with them!!! Anyone got anymore ideas? Very many thanks. Stressed Mum.

  [DELETED] 07:47 08 Mar 2006

No you can't copy the installed program from one computer to another. You have to have the installation files to do that, and it is very unlikely you will have them on a preinstalled system.

  Batch 08:46 08 Mar 2006

As an alternative, you could consider using OpenOffice click here

  [DELETED] 09:08 08 Mar 2006

OK - so I am a road to nowhere here - simply can't be done! Can someone explain to my what internal networking is for then - I was under the impression that all programmes could be shared???

  [DELETED] 09:13 08 Mar 2006

I use 2 machines at home and 2 at work , some of which have Office 2000, and some have Office 2003. The difference in functionality between the 2 is so minimal as to not be worth worrying about - especially at the level most schoolchildren will be using. I would leave things as they are until the budget allows purchase of the 2003 student version ( or wait for the next upgrade - Office Vista ?)

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