Can I copy an Installed programme to CD?

  Cluelessone 16:03 25 Jun 2007

Ladies & Gentlemen

Recently bought a Vaio laptop, pre-installed with tons of programs which, right now, I don't need and just slow the set down.

Obvious answer is to uninstal everything I don't want...

BUT, there's a couple of programmes that I might use in the future. So is there any way I can put such programmes onto a disk for "later" so I don't totally lose them?

I'm sure there are copyright issues here,but as I already legally own these programmes, maybe not??

Please advise

  Pine Man 16:19 25 Jun 2007

The basic answer to this is no.

Virtually every program loaded has files all over your hard drive and not necessarily just in its own folder.


  Belatucadrus 16:24 25 Jun 2007

If the programs have been installed then they will probably have made necessary changes to the registry in order to function, digging these out and replicating them would be near impossible, so simply copying the contents of the relevant program folder isn't going to work.
When you say they "just slow the set down", don't forget that only those programs set to start during startup and run as background processes will slow anything down. The others just sit on the drive doing nothing and unless it's a very old laptop, there should be more than enough space left for everything else. Try running MSCONFIG and deselect the ones you don't need from the startup tab, remembering not to deactivate the security software.

  Z1100 16:43 25 Jun 2007

a Recovery CD/DVD so that you can re-install everything just when ever you like. It is very unusual for there to be no recovery options for the software. If it is not on a CD/DVD then it would be on the HDD in a 'recovery partition.'

Have a read of all the paper that came with it.


  Pamy 17:01 25 Jun 2007

It may be possible to take an image of your programs with something like Acronis and restore them latter

  Totally-braindead 18:25 25 Jun 2007

I think Pamy has given you the only option that might work but the only way to guarantee you don't miss part of the program is to take an image of your entire hard drive. Therefore I think the answer you have been given as to no it isn't possible is probably correct.
The trouble as pointed out is that not only is the program installed to the program files folder but also that it may also have other parts of it stored somewhere else and any changes it might have made to the registry. Its finding all the areas the program has installed and effected/altered thats the problem.

As long as the programs you are talking about are not loaded by windows at startup then they aren't running and shouldn't effect performance, unless of course you are struggling for space on your hard drive. If they are loaded at startup then you can simply disable them using MSCONFIG and only choose to run them when you wish.

  Pine Man 19:03 25 Jun 2007

I am not aware of any way of taking an image of a program. If you were able to you would have to be able to tell the imaging software where every part of that program was and if you could do that you would be able to save to a CD anyway.

If you took an image of the whole drive you would have to be able to restore the whole of that image to be able to use one of the programs on it.

As the laptop is relatively new do you not have access to the software via a restore disk or partition and if not why not get in touch with Sony and see if they will provide the software (that you have paid for) for back up purposes, as far as they are concerned ;-)

  wee eddie 21:08 25 Jun 2007

If you are not using them and they are not set to launch on opening.

They should not effect the speed at all.

  HCOOH 21:47 25 Jun 2007

You should have a recovery partition as has been described above with the option to burn your own recovery disks. There are also options from VAIO website. You should have programmes called Club Vaio or My Vaio or something similar on the programmes list.

  wee eddie 22:41 25 Jun 2007

and we'll try and get it speeded up.

First the Spec

  Cluelessone 08:09 26 Jun 2007

First of all, can I say I'm staggered that there are so many of you offering help! Many thanks for this. I may not be able to respond at the speed or accuracy that you desire. Please bear with me!

So, here we go:

Vaio VGN-FJ3M/W:
Pentium M 740 1.73 Ghz
80 GB HD
Running XP

Takes 1:15 to start up.
65 running processes at start.(Still "normal" startup)
Probably the biggest "extra" resource-drainer is McAfee Security Centre.

Over to you guys.............

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